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10 Great Ways to Teach Hindi at Home


As a mom of a bi-cultural kid, I’m hoping that they can get some Marathi “upbringing.” I truly believe that having a second language is a gift. Of course, it is easier to teach a similar, but more wide-spread language, like Hindi. For that reason, we did move to India, it didn’t work but the kids did get some language. Now we need to keep the language. To do so, let’s look at options for supporting Hindi at home. This goes for teaching any second language at home.

10 Ways to Teach Hindi at Home

  1. If you have someone in your home who speaks Hindi, the first thing you want to do is have it spoken at home, at least some time. The more the better.
  2. Have books available in the other language. This book has English/Hindi and English transliteration, for supporting the language even if you aren’t fluent. Bindi Baby Animals (Hindi): A Beginner Language Book for Hindi Kids (Hindi Edition)
  3. Label items with index cards. If you are able, try and get some flash cards as well.Hindi Flashcards: Script & Pronunciation (English and Hindi Edition)
  4. Have a schedule for learning reading or writing. By keeping a schedule you can make sure it is a priority.
  5. Consider online classes, either via skype or through agencies. If your child is involved, be aware of internet safety issues.
  6. Watch youtube videos
  7. Download apps – Learn Hindi Alphabet Free
  8. Get movable letters or alphabets to help use more senses in learning. This option is consider to a Montessori Movable Alphabet so is a great way to support learning and spelling. Alphabets, Vowels and Maatraas
  9. If you don’t know the language, you can always try to learn it as well. Start with basics: Fruits and vegetables, body parts and animals. Then move on to some basic greetings and adding basic sentences “this is a ____,”
  10. Watch movies! Luckily our library has a HUGE selection of Hindi movies. Some are less than appropriate for kids, but many are okay. You can also visit an Indian grocer to rent them, or download online.

What do you think contributes to a child learning a second language?

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  1. You have actually incorporated two very important points for learning Hindi or for that matter any other language. The first step is, as you rightly pointed out, have Hindi spoken in the house so that you get the necessary exposure to the language. The second important step is to watch Hindi movies with english subtitles preferably so that you get a hang of how the language is spoken in full flow. It also serves the purpose of understanding the popular culture of India.

    I have gone through all these foreign women blogs and there is always one blog on their struggles with Hindi. They start well but as soon as someone makes fun of them, they give up. I understand their insecurities. The first step is to start using the language in the house. I have often wondered why they do not consider the two basic things i.e. using the language at home and watching movies as a viable to achieve fluency in the language. Most often the effort is not there. It is as if Hindi is like ancient Latin, very difficult to learn.

    Their is another problem for those foreigner living in big cities. In their immediate social circle, most Indians are speaking in English, they talk to their children in English, schools insist on English. With whom will you have a conversation in Hindi?

    This is actually a very difficult time in India to learn Indian languages when the Indians themselves are shunning their own language. Thus, it is all the more difficult for a foreigner to gain proficiency in any of the Indian languages.


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