10 names for mom

10 Names for Mom During Holiday Season


Ah Mom! Mummaaahhhh…. Mother, Mother Dearest Perhaps? Okay, no wire hangers please, but during the holidays, basically which start at Halloween and then run through MLK Day, it is a busy time of year. And, with that, the name “mom” may lose a bit of the “term of endearment” and instead feel like a title given to us by mini- and not-so-mini drill sergeants.

Here’s the thing, whether you spend your time working out of the home, running a business, being the Chief Operations Officer of Your Home, run the PTA, or just “be” – time can get busy. For me, I’m still realizing I’m not a working mom, so I keep busy doing what I can do at the school, get active on some political and social causes, bargain hunt and procrastinate on household chores (I’m not a neat freak, people, like not-at-all). But suddenly another week has gone by and I realize it is winter break so the kids are home the next two weeks! Yay (yay?)! Holiday time! We can sleep in! Yah! But then I realize that I have a lot of stuff to do before Christmas. And, some of those things need to be done when the kids are not on me, because, yes, Santa visits us and that takes mom prep work. While I’m not cleaning the chimney for the jolly ol’ elf, I do have work to get done before his arrival.

In the mean time, I realize there may be some moments over the next few days when I don’t want to hear “mama!!!” – and so instead, I’ll realize, I hold many titles and those names during the holiday season, may end up being used all in one day. I really don’t know how I would work and do those things myself, so yep, there’s definite value to being a stay at home mom – either they’d go undone, or we’d have to hire out for sure.

10 Names for Mom During Holiday Season:

  1. Santa’s Helper
  2. Cookie Baker
  3. Label Maker
  4. Envelope Licker
  5. Carpool chauffeur
  6. Return pro
  7. Discount Guru
  8. Mess cleaner
  9. Play date supervisor
  10. Busy Body

Mama, you may be busy, but you’ve got this.

And sometimes a nice glass of Moscato helps.

And that, my friend, is okay.

Cheers to the holiday season!


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