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10 Reasons to Boycott Nestle


Halloween –  the time for ghoulish costumes and fun. The time when we bring out the candy. But, for me, it is the time of year when I remember why I boycott Nestle, one of the world’s largest conglomerates.

10 Reasons to Boycott Nestle This Halloween (and year round).

  1. Their continued disregard for the WHO code for marketing of breastmilk substitutes (Read the history of Nestle and the WHO code here)
  2. Their belief in privatizing public water for their own monetary gain – Truth in a Colbert Nation report… he’s a news comic but we all know the truth there! Let’s look also at this Cause that is currently in the news. Of course there’s also an issue with the pollution caused by all the bottles needed for the bottled water.  View this Environmental Working Group page.
    1. 10/6/13 edit: Let’s look at not just parody but here’s a link to the video of the Nestle CEO, Peter_Brabeck-Letmathe, with translation
    2. A Guardian article discussing how Nestle plans to continue to crusade to privatize water. – he sounds so positive about the reasoning, but it is an attempt to greenwash the issue out of corporate greed.
  3. Pushing formula in locations where access to clean water is minimal – Forbes article covers this in their coverage of the Google Kitkat controversy
  4. Child Slavery in the Ivory Coast (Cocoa) – BBC article on the topic from 2012.
  5. Nestle is linked to purchasing milk from Zimbabwe’s Mugabe during an international sanction on her, during which there was rapid inflation and food shortage in the country. See this BBC article.
  6. They continually lack “health” standards, even in their baby/toddler food line. After a 2010 “Salt Award” for too much salt in Nestle Gerber toddler foods, in 2013, they are still “trying” to correct it. See this Washington Post article.
  7. Related to the origin of the “WHO Code” Nestle is known to dress up their sales people as nurses and hand out samples to illiterate people. See this Guardian article on the history of Nestle Boycotts.
  8. Nestle is being boycotted for testing on animals. See more information on Nestle Testing on Animals in this DailyMail article.
  9. Nestle uses a double standard and refused to change over when a Thai group requested they stop using GMOs in products made there. Read more in this Just Food article and Green Peace article.
  10. They’ve been accused of re-selling their expired milk products in Colombia and then the whistle blower, Luciano Enrique Romero, ends up murdered. In a related incident, Pakistani doctor, Syed Aamir Raza was employed by Nestle became a whistle blower and is in hiding after exposing Nestle’s blatant breaking of the WHO code. Shots were fired at him while he was bringing the issue to attention in England. See this Infact Canada article.
  11.  Okay 11 reasons – Nestle has no regard for pollution they cause. Mass production of food and pollution go well together. Read this Polaris Institute article on Nestle’s water pollution in China a new link with the information..

For a complete list of Nestle companies, click here. Besides Candy – Know that Nestle owns Libby’s pumpkin.

So for everything Nestle sells, you have an alternative. Why not make a choice this October to see the reasons to boycott Nestle. It isn’t just about marketing of breast milk alternatives (AKA formula).

I also recommend this article by Business Insider regarding the 1970s “War on Want.”

reasons to boycott nestle - list of nestle brands
Non-exhaustive list of Nestle Candy brands in the US



Nestle is the most boycotted company in the world. These are just a few reasons. Take a look for yourself and see how you can make an impact.

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    1. We didn’t all think it’s squeaky clean. There’s no shocking expose in this post, the boycott is 40 years old. Some of us have fought for years.

  1. It’s sad to say but I think most chocolate companies are like this. Fair-trade is really the only way to go if you want to support brands that are ethical.

    1. Nestle do fair trade chocolate. It’s not without it’s own problems. Personally I think when it comes to chocolate the practices and policies of Hotel Chocolare the best. They’re not eligible for FT despite going above the FT standards because they own their own farms.

  2. I already boycott Nestle!! GMO”s they support it, push it, don’t care about their consumers. It’s so important to know what your buying and be aware of the company itself.

  3. Wow! Thank you for sharing this information! It seems that this is news to a lot of people. Now we can better understand what that company stands for and are able to make an educated decision on whether we want to continue to buy their product or not.

  4. If you start protesting every company or corporation that is not doing things you like, you’ll end up not buying anything.
    A lot of companies own other companies. So 1 they are “green” and the other is bad bad.
    Look into KMart for example.

    1. Name a company with worse practices than Nestle.

      By the way, the reason this list got to 11 points is it’s not exhaustive.

  5. Oh lady, I didn’t know all this stuff. I would boycott them, it’s bad that they test on animal & child slavery :'(

  6. Very interesting. My husband has done a lot of work in water processing plants across the US and has always told me that Nestle was one of the cleanest water plants there was along with Ozarka. He’ll never buy any Wal-Mart bottled water as he says he knows too much about their process (or lack thereof). I’m interested to show this to him and get his feedback – especially with the global issues. Thanks for the enlightenment.

  7. N – e- s- t -l – e -s – nestles is NOT the very best. Who knew all this? Did you SNOPE checks or use some other check for some of these claims? It is horrible to think it is true.

    Over from LinkedIn group BHB

    1. Yes these are well verified facts. All the links posted are either from labor union pages or news articles. Nestle is basically the reason the World Health Organization had to start regulating how formula was marketed.

  8. I was aware of Nestle due to my research regarding water. I am not of fan of most of their products but I did get concerned when I saw the words Milky bar on the first chart. I was pretty sure one of my favorite indulgences was not on the list. Mars Milky Way Bars. I don’t eat it often but come Halloween time it is the first candy bar I would look for when my kids came home. They knew if they got a milky way Mom was going to want it. 😀 This is a really great and time appropriate blog and plan to link this blog to mine. will have more info on this topic in the next few days.

  9. I am so with you on this. I recently posted a quote on my FB page from Nestle’s CEO about access to clean water not being a right for everyone. The greed is appalling and I will not support them.

  10. I don’t have a problem with marketing baby formula, as everyone should have a choice in how they feed their baby. I didn’t breastfeed for both personal and medical reasons. Some of the other points, though, are a bit scary and I will definitely need to investigate more.

  11. That’s a lot of serious infractions. It seems in today’s world big co.’s would be as mindful as possible of operating clean (speaking in terms of environmentally and more).

  12. This is very interesting but not surprising in the least most companies especially big companies have horrible secrets. Walmart, Pfizer (and most other pharm companies, Banks (in general) the list goes on and on but the more successful they are chances are they hiding lots of dirty secrets.

  13. GMOs are a big problem, and even bigger is the privatization of water. There will come a time in the not-too-distant future when there are very real water shortages all over the world– and access to clean water will be a life or death situation. We need to squash this now.

  14. I actually had no idea about any of this but even with all this information people are still going to buy unfortunately.

  15. I knew about all of this, I’ve been signing petitions and sharing on my Facebook wall. I know people who use their baby formula! Ick! I hate this company. I wish we could just bankrupt them and MOnsanto already!

    1. Interesting. I guess I’ve never heard of someone not supporting any boycott. Maybe not certain ones, but any?

      I know all corporations do some good, but sometimes there is a cost. I urge you to read about what they have done and urge them to do better.

  16. I also have issues with WHO. They’re health reports are biased much of time. As for Nestle, I’ve been disappointed in all companies that push their formulas on new moms. I nursed my six kids and all six times I had three or four of their “free” diaper bags with different formulas from different companies…what’s wrong with these people?!? UGH…I miss their chocolate, but I won’t use them again until, and if, they ever pull it together

    1. That definitely is being pushy. Offering a coupon, offering a diaper bag, sending their product… these all tell women “I know you aren’t able to make it to your goal, so here you go!”

  17. I admit they have had problems. The fact is some of this is old news. Your link about China is no good (Page has been removed. . The fact is Nestle Sources Shanghai Ltd’s bottled water manufacturing plant made the list for starting operation BEFORE its wastewater treatment facilities had passed an environmental impact assessment. And their wastewater Treatment plant DID pass.I understand why many want a boycott. The thing is not enough will do it. Not against Nestle, Mars, Nike and a host of other companies.I am really not trying to be negative. It just if you boycott one, you should boycott all who “break the rules”/and that product list is endless….

    1. Thanks. I’ll look for another China link.

      I can’t boycott ALL companies, because I live in the commercial world, but I can choose based on companies I feel do the most “bad”.

  18. Honestly, it;’s the first time I read such information about nestle. Didn’t know that there’s a lot of info from their products that needs to be known by public.


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