14 weeks later…


14 weeks today since the packers came and packed up our almost 3000 sq ft , three car garage home and started the journey here to india.

    And now, 2 weeks after our ship arrived into the port in Mumbai, we are told to expect our things TOMORROW… only 4 weeks after the 10 week guideline.

we now get to try to stuff almost all that STUFF  (sans vehicles and a train table, adding in a bunk bed i need to fill ya all in on)  into around 1400 sq ft. no garage.

the kids have started school, so likely tomorrow will be hectic.

Our maid has some drama that keeps her crying and an infection in her toe. But, we are getting our stuff.

the moving company, IGL, has been less than helpful

 issues with international moving company

  1. they didnt know where our container was when it was to be loaded. it was with US customs, which helped this delay happen.
  2. they did nothing to expedite a ship after we missed the first shipping date due to US customs.
  3. we missed a shipping date in China, giving another week delay.
  4. it has been in port now sitting: clearly the company has inefficiencies in their process to clear shipping companies. (Basically expect 2 full weeks in port, in monsoon rain. ugh)
  5. they are doing customs payment for us, but failed to ask us for values, ertc. this meaans we may pay a higher price for bringing in some items. we took photos of our tv receipt and sent it over today as that likely will have the largest fee.

hopefully tomorrow goes without a hitch. we havent painted or anything, but my daughter has been practicing her penmanship on the walls, apparently. šŸ˜‰ 

We will figure this out. Somehow. Next hurdle: getting reimbursed for the container shipment!

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