2014 Babywearing Conference Coming to the Phoenix Area July 17-20

babywearing conference logo 2014
Babywearing in the desert – it isn’t too hot to babywearing – really! Check out this year’s babywearing conference and see what it may just offer you!

Babywearing is often one of the ways that one gentle or attached parents recognize another, but the fact is, babywearing has become mainstream. But, those who really love the connectedness of babywearing can gather at the 2014 Babywearing Conference in July.

The International Babywearing Conference is being held July 17-20 and is packed with great events for the entire family. It is great for many, including expectant moms!

The International Babywearing Conference brings together babywearing educators and researchers, birth professionals, and parents from the US, Canada, and around the world who want to learn more about babywearing and other parenting topics.

All caregivers, educators, and those who work with families with children under five, and especially those who deal with families during pregnancy and birth are warmly extended an invite by this year’s coordinators. They also indicate that those with special needs children will benefit from the sessions and vendors present this year.

Location of 2014 Conference: Tempe Mission Palms  Note: Currently you save $50 when you book your hotel for all 4 nights.

Fly into Phoenix and take a quick taxi ride over. Locals will find this a perfect time for a staycation. Nothing better in the peak of a Phoenix summer, right?

Register online to attend! The conference has different levels of membership- depending on your affiliation (or no affiliation) with a local BWI babywearing group.

Registration is currently open and will remain so up until the conference begins. There  3 different prices for registration based on your affiliations with BWI

  • a conference attendee (no affiliation with the org),
  • a BWI member (that is an active member of any BWI chapter),
  • and a BWI educator (for our leaders from all chapters).

Learn more about registration here:

What you can do at Babywearing Conference

  • Listen to speakers on everything from making weighted dolls to yoga with young ones to safety to running your own babywearing group
  • Show off your and drool over someone else’s stash
  • Discuss controversy
  • Get tips and tricks for finding the right wrap or other babywearing option for you and your baby

Read about the various sessions here.

Conference Exclusive Wraps from Pavo Textiles

One item that is exciting some members is the conference exclusive woven wraps. The fabric print was made exclusively for the conference. Many pre-ordered and a few will be available for purchase at the conference.

pavo form swallowtail babywearing wrap
Pavo Form Swallowtail – one of two colors of the exclusive wrap print made for the conference.


TaiLeah Madill is excited for the conference and says,

As an organizer, I am most looking forward to meeting so many babywearers, many of who I know only online. I am so excited to hear our many amazing and knowledgeable speakers on the topics they are presenting! It is going to be so hard to choose which to attend!

This year’s Keynote Speaker is Sherry Payne, MSN RN, CNE, IBCLC, CD(DONA) and will discuss “Head Wrapping and Babywearing: Using African Traditions to Build Health Equity.” Special guest speaker is Henrik Norholt, PhD. He is the chief science officer at Ergobaby, Inc.    

More about Babywearing in Phoenix Group

BWIP became a chapter of BWI three years ago this July. It grew out of an existing group already meeting as an informal group of babywearing families. Their founder, Susan Chanse, saw a need for more outreach, education, and support and felt that a national organization such as BWI was best equipped to help the group move forward to meet those needs.

They have continued to grow over the last 3 years. BWIP currently has 10 Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBEs) and 1 Master Babywearing Educator (MBE) that make up their leadership team. They manage and lead 5 monthly meetings in Phoenix and the surrounding towns, along with 1-2 special events and play dates each month. BWIP currently has around 150 active members. These are individuals who have supported our group by purchasing an annual membership for $30/year. Membership is entirely optional and it is not required to be a member to attend any meeting. BWIP  meetings are always free to attend and open to all, our play dates and special events may have a small fee or be open to members only in certain instances.

Dues: Two thirds of each membership dues stay in the local chapter, while the other third goes to the national organization to help fund chapter wide outreach and support. All of the organizations positions are volunteer ones, from the lowest VBE to the president of the organization. Funds go directly back into outreach and support. Locally the dues collected allow the group to acquire carriers for the spectacular and extensive lending library. Babywearing in Phoenix has over 120 carriers and accessories that is available at the meetings for attendees to try on and get help with. According to TaiLeah, “one of the perks to membership is that you can borrow any carrier in our library for up to a month at a time! What a great way to be sure it is one you will love!”

Are you excited about the 2014 babywearing conference? Which class looks most interesting to you?

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  1. I was a baby wearing mom and loved it. I am going to share this with a friend of mine to see if she could go. If they would have had this type of event back when my kids were younger, I would have loved to taken the finding the right wrap. Back when my kids were small, they were so much harder to figure out – or maybe it was just me!

  2. I was a baby wearer,This conference sounds great i wish they had something like this over here,Not that i have checked but i am going to now lol.I think i would enjoy everything that is going on there.

  3. I never really considered myself a baby wearer mom I never paid attention to the terms that moms referred to one another I had a carrier and I held my daughter in this sling type of thing to keep her close but it surely was not 24/7 I have back issues and lugging around the extra weight was not possible for me but she kept real close and always snuggled and lot’s of love I’m not sure I get hooked on the name of baby wearer as much as I just loved my kid and knew what was best for my child I did not care if it was the in thing to do at the time or not.

  4. What a fun conference this sounds like.
    We have 2 babies in our family right now to two different mothers. Both mothers wear their babies and I think it is a GREAT idea.

  5. this sounds like a fabulous conference. I for one believe that as parents or parents to be we need to get all the fats and information before we decide for or against anything. I wish more people would wear their babies!

  6. I had never heard of this conference before. I didn’t have a wrap with my son but if we were to have more kids I would look into it!

  7. I really do love the concept of babywearing. I loved carrying my daughter in the Moby Wrap when she was tiny, but I was never actually able to get a good fit with the Ergo. :(

  8. I love the beautiful wraps that are made to wear babies nowadays. I used to carry my babies around the house while cleaning and making dinner when they were little and wanted held…but there really weren’t any of these comfortable things made then, just bulky backpack type things.

  9. Wow I didn’t realize that there was an entire group and conference around baby wearing. I don’t think I wore my child I did a lot of just holding him but nothing special.

  10. That looks like a really fun idea. I would probably love to take all the classes. When it comes to babies, there is always something new to learn.

  11. What an interesting sounding conference I have no idea they did such things, I think knowing nothing about baby wearing I would look forward to finding out hints and tips. x

  12. I actually did not use baby wear until I had my fourth child. I was obviously missing out by not using it with my other three. This sounds like a very fun event to attend!

  13. I think it would be interesting to see what it is like to do yoga with a little one. This sounds like a great event. My kids are grown but I wish I would have known more about baby wearing way back then.

  14. What a great conference! I am sure there is so much valuable information and just as important, meeting other mothers for support.

  15. Wish I live near so that I could attend such an event a close friend of mine use to wear her baby with one of those long wrapping things (forget the name) I wish I knew such thing even existed when I had my son.

  16. I didn’t think anything of it with my wrap (I had the Moby with my first), but I’d be interested in seeing all the other options for #2’s arrival. The Moby got too hot for me; looks like this is a much bigger deal than I ever knew, lots of info to find!


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