5 Ideas for Personalizing Your Home Decor for under $50


As a parent, we don’t have the yesteryear option of heading to home decorating “party” shows that were popular in the 90s. Instead, we have essential oil and candle parties. But, of course it means we have plenty of options for personalizing our home decor.

Frame your child's art for easy and inexpensive way to update your space.
Frame your child’s art for easy and inexpensive way to update your space.

Know your decor taste

What’s good for one family and home won’t work for another family. If you’re a busy family and are looking to upgrade your style, it is different than a family with minimalist tastes. In the end, personalizing your home decor can consider the following ideas for changing up your home style.

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  1. Add a splash of color with fabric.
    Visit your local craft store, or consider imported fabric like sari fabric for an immediate impact or change to your decor. Upcycling costs you virtually nothing (perhaps some hardware if you use it on windows), or you can use coupons or find Amazon deals to find fabric for cheap. Home hemming is also easily done with fabric glue. Estimated cost: Free to $30.
  2. Frame your child’s art. You may not have the next picasso but a child’s early paintings can have a definite abstract art feel. The art is basically free, so the frame is the cost. Estimated Cost: $20
  3. Make shadow boxes to encapsulate memories or heirlooms. Custom frames can be useful like the ones found here at Whole Sale Poster Frames. With different colors and sizes you can create your plan for the wall or on a nook and ensure the right color match. Estimated cost: $40 (using 15×15 shadow box)
  4. Use fruit to bring color to a room. Plus it is super easy to change up! Cyn in the link blogged gives a great example and the orange in her photo makes a nice splash against a wood grain. Estimated cost: $20+ 5 per change over.
  5. Define space with a mirror. These can be found at flea markets and garage sales. Look for an antique look or distress one for just a few dollars in supplies! Here’s a link to some pinterest ideas!

How do you personalize your space?

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  1. I love the ideas of framing your child’s art. That’s a great way to both display your child’s creativity and get some free wall decoration!

  2. I am currently working on several projects to decorate our new house. I love incorporating my kids artwork into different areas so they know that we love what they do.


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