tips to avoid GMOs

5 Simple Tips to Avoid GMOs: Natural Living Blog Carnival


Welcome to the October 2014 Natural Living Blog Carnival: Advocating for Our Food Supply.
This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Natural Living Blog Carnival hosted by Happy Mothering and the Green Moms Network. Since October is Non-GMO Month, National Farm to School Month and Fair Trade Month, we are naturally talking about our food supply. Be sure to read all of the other posts listed at the bottom of mine! You may find stories about why it’s important to eat organic, support non-GMO awareness (and labeling), grow your own food and eat a real food diet. You may also find some new recipes or learn what real foods or gadgets are staples in our members’ kitchens. This month it’s all about food!

While the world is surrounded by headlines about health concerns including Ebola and enterovirus D68, there’s a concern that is being overlooked that many do not want us to discuss.


Just about everything (and everyone) is based on modification of organisms. Foods change. There’s natural cross polination. This variation often helps survival, (especially if you’re an all out Darwinist.) But there are times when GMOs seem to cross the line. That line is when organisms which normally would have no way in splicing and gene changing to make for survival.

Genetically Modified Organisms promised to help get rid of world hunger, but instead, India sees farmer suicides, because of the “suicide gene” in plants by Monsanto and others. Seed saving is becoming illegal in places, and there’s a good chance corporations will own, patent, or just make proprietary most of the world’s food source if action isn’t taken.

tips to avoid GMOs
Simple tips to avoid GMOs


What can you do?

There are small things we can do to help avoid GMOs, and some of them will make an impact on you, and others will mean that you’re making an impact on a local farmer.

5 Simple Tips to Avoid GMOs

  1. When buying processed food, choose non-GMO verified products. This link is great and you can easily search for good alternatives from your phone.
  2. Buy organic. Currently the US doesn’t allow certified organic foods to be genetically modified. NATURAL labeling can include GMOs, so be wary.
  3. Don’t buy or use canola oil. Many people use it daily, and it is almost always GMO.
  4. It isn’t as simple, but you can also grow your own food supply, or at least part of it. Buy organic, non-GMO seeds. Heirloom tomatoes will absolutely stun you if you’re used to three variations of “round” red tomatoes! This is great to do with kids.
  5. Join an organic CSA. Community Supported Agriculture helps support small farmers but also often let’s you eat local and in-season, which is better for the environment. Search for a CSA here. There is a risk, but it is a shared risk, and is great for someone who doesn’t have time to have their own garden.

Another thing that you can do but isn’t so simple is support restaurants who choose non-GMO. Talk to the small place down the street and ask them about their options and alternatives. But when you do find a non-GMO supporter, choose them! Your options for food may be less at times, but it means supporting small business. Currently there are only two “verified” but you can help make that change.

Be informed. Join a local permaculture guild and get to know your local organic farmers.

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  1. I love CSAs! We used to be a member of one and it was awesome. Did you know 80% of packaged food contains GMO ingredients now? Scary! You really do have to be very good at reading labels if you’re buying packaged food. Or, like you said, buy Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.

  2. Thank you. I absolutely learned some things from this post and I will stop using canola oil. That should have been a no brainer but I guess I just didn’t think about it.

    I also will support non GMO restaurants more.

  3. I’ll be honest, I don’t really know a lot about the whole issue with GMO, I just know it’s not good. I grow a lot of food in our garden and I tend to make all my own foods staying away from as many boxes as possible.

  4. I an on the fence with GMOs honestly. Some of them aren’t bad as it helps our produce survive harsh winters/summers. However, I can see both sides on this view. I just don’t go out of my way to be completely GMO free.

  5. I have to avoid them for my well being. When I have GMOs, I find that my body is sluggish and I just feel a general YUCK. Everyone should stay away!

  6. Nice post. However, I’m confused by point #2. You state, “Currently the US doesn’t allow GMOs to be genetically modified.” That makes no sense whatsoever.


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