5 Things that happen to a woman’s body during pregnancy that may surprise you


Pregnancy might seem daunting to many women. Carrying a little human inside your body is hard enough, but adding the physical and emotional changes that go along with it can cause some stress for some. Of course being pregnant is a gift and often people don’t tell us women the little things and we are stuck wondering if we are normal or not!

✓ Big Changes Ahead

Some of the changes in a woman’s body are already expected. The added weight is already something that every woman expects to have, although many should know that you do not necessarily gain a lot of weight during pregnancy. Some of the most noticeable changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy include breast size increase and the areolas getting darker and bigger.  Some also experience a darkening in their neck and underarm area.

But there are some things that may happen to a woman’s body that may seem surprising for some. Here are some of them so make sure you read them so you will know what to expect.

Expect the following

  1. Mood swings – even if they are not emotional, many women tend to experience a wide range of emotions that last even after they have given birth to their child. And it’s not just happy emotions, many women also get depressed during pregnancy, and there is a number who also go through postpartum depression. It may be feelings of anxiety or being overwhelmed by their situation, that’s why it’s important that women have a strong support system to be there for them throughout their pregnancy and even after giving birth.


  1. Leaky breasts – women already expect that their breasts will grow larger during pregnancy to prepare for their offspring. But some might be surprised to know that their breasts can actually start to leak even before they give birth. This milk, called colostrum,  is actually very healthy and will bring a lot of health benefits so they need to make sure that their babies will drink it.


  1. Bleeding gums – because of hormonal changes again, women become more susceptible to the bacteria found in plaque, hence many suffer from what is called pregnancy gingivitis. Gums may feel swollen and sensitive, making it susceptible to bleeding.


  1. Impaired memory – scientists still have not found the cause, but reports indicate that a woman’s memory is affected after pregnancy. No one has been able to explain why it happens, but a big possibility could be the stress that women go through during pregnancy, not to mention the hormonal changes that happen.


  1. Vaginal discharge – having vaginal discharge during pregnancy is actually normal and should not cause any anxiety to pregnant women. Of course, there may be an exception to the norm, but more often than not, these discharges should not cause any panic. There are several types of discharges that pregnant women may experience, so it is important to become familiar with them so you will know if there is any cause for concern. Here is a white discharge guide for women to help them differentiate between the types.


Pregnancy might not be an easy ride, but with the right support and knowledge, women can breeze through it. Even after the pain of labor and delivery, when they hold their children in their arms, they will know that it is worth it.

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