Pregnant? How can you keep up fashion? See these helpful hints for finding the perfect maternity jeans.

5 Tips for Buying Maternity Jeans


When it comes to fashion, jeans have become one of the most popular trends of all time. They are worn lovingly by small children and elderly people, so why should pregnant women be an exception? There is no reason to forget about wearing your favorite type of clothes even if you are bumping up. In the article below you will find several useful tips about choosing the right maternity jeans from professional designers.

Assess pre-pregnancy jeans

Have a close look at your pre-pregnancy jeans so that you get the right idea of what designer maternity jeans you should be looking for. Write down or remember your favorite fits, cuts, and rises.

In case you loved tight fits, you might need to change your preferences a bit, as tight clothes are not the best ones to use for pregnancy. While you want to keep it “in”, comfort is importance. Professionals and mothers in general also advise avoiding too high and very low, as they not only look awkward on a pregnant body, but also feel very uncomfortable to wear, especially after the second trimester.

Look for stores

Without any doubt, you will be able to find lots of maternity clothes stores nearby. Apart from special shops, you can also opt for specialized fashion boutiques, mass retailers, department stores and even thrift stores.

As a rule, it is advised to use special designer maternity jeans instead of regular jeans in larger sizes as the former are made to accommodate a growing belly without adding extra discomfort and being too long or loose.

Request help

When you get to the store with maternity clothes rely on the professional opinion and experience of a shop assistant. Let him or her help you with sizes and styles, give you tips and show options of belly bands to simply understand what works for you best. As a rule, you will not be able to come to a store and get what you need in 5 minutes, especially if it is your first pregnancy. So be open and do not get embarrassed when asking for help, because shop assistants are there for you.

Try your regular size

Though your shape has changed, the size you had usually remain the same. So when you are asked what size you have simply you need to simply name your old sizing. When choosing maternity jeans you should think about the styles and cuts, fits, but not the size, because you already have one.

Try different options

If you know what you want from your maternity jeans it is already a great way to begin shopping, but be ready to make some alternations. You might feel uncomfortable or not find the right size. Be open to experiments. Also keep in mind that if no maternity jeans work for you, you can always buy maternity leggings made of thick and warm fabrics to replace the jeans and still offer you great style and comfort regardless of the weather.

And the final tip – be confident in yourself and maternity shopping will go easier!

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