5 Tips for New Moms


Are you a first-time mother anticipating the birth of your firstborn? There is no question that once your baby arrives, your life will forever change. Someone will now completely be reliant on you and it might seem daunting but you do not need to be scared.


Many mothers have gone through what you will go through and they have survived it. The first few weeks may be the hardest as you will not only take care of your baby but your body is also recovering from the ordeal of giving birth. Here are a few tips you may follow to make your transition to motherhood a little smoother.


  1. Prepare your supplies for the first few weeks after birth – make sure that you have everything you might need ready at home before your due date. You can download a checklist of all the supplies you might need. Stock up on things that you will be needing for the first weeks. You would not want to run out of diapers or other essential things especially when you may be alone with the baby.


  1. Get enough sleep – many people will say that you need to sleep when your baby is asleep too. That’s because, in the first few weeks, your baby will demand for your time especially when they are hungry. While your newborn has not yet established a sleeping pattern, it would be good to get enough sleep so you will not be deprived of proper rest.


  1. Pamper yourself – just because you have become responsible for another human being does not mean that you should stop taking care of yourself. After a couple of months, when you can now leave your baby for a few hours, why not schedule a day out with friends? Go to the salon, spa, or enjoy a coffee date with girls. You deserve it.


  1. Have a support group – this can be in the form of your extended family or you can look for a group in your area for new mothers. Don’t hesitate to ask the help of your family members should you need assistance, especially if your husband goes back to work. Your first priority is your baby, so you can delegate other tasks like laundry or even cooking to others who are willing to help, especially in the first few weeks after birth. For the support group, it is encouraging to hear stories from women who are going through the same thing as you and you can learn a lot from them.


  1. Invest in a breast pump – breast milk or “liquid” gold” as it is it is the optimal nutrition you can give your baby. Isn’t it great that your body can provide something very vital to your newborn’s development? While some may say you don’t need to buy a breast pump, this is a good investment especially if you want to stock up and freeze your breast milk for occasions when you need to be away from your child or are heading back to work.

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