A decade: two weddings, two kids and plenty of moves


February 4th brings us to a decade since my husband and I first met. The story isn’t meant to be left on the internet, but the DECADE mark shouldn’t be entirely by-passed as well.

What we have in a decade

In a decade we have moved a lot. Grown a lot. Had two kids. I mean I knew 10 years was coming up but when I think back I think WOW. I was 23. Yeah, young, right? I didn’t seem that young then, but now I”m like WHHA? But in that decade we’ve come through a lot, including:

  • Moved from Michigan to Maryland
  • Got a job
  • Visited California for the first time
  • Earned a promotion
  • Got engaged
  • Moved apartments to avoid a barking dog
  • Vacationed in Bahamas, lost my engagement ring
  • Started managing a second location
  • Got a new engagement ring
  • Learned I get road rage
  • Got married in India
  • Had a blessing in Michigan
  • Got pregnant
  • Got laid off (me)
  • Vacationed to Finland
  • Got a new job (him)
  • Vacationed in Mexico
  • Was called back from a layoff but we were
  • Moving to Arizona
  • Started telecommuting
  • Had a baby
  • Took just under 8 weeks off
  • Went back to work (telecommuting)
  • Visited Michigan
  • Traveled for work, pumped and dumped
  • Started an online business
  • Vacationed to Mexico again
  • Visited India
  • Got pregnant again
  • Bought a house
  • Had a baby (VBAC this time)
  • Interviewed au pairs, finally found one from India, turns out she was lying on her application, so we picked a new one quickly to get an arrival date to start when I went back to work. She was from Thailand
  • Took full 12 weeks off, my boss leaves the company during the time and I’m unsure if I’ll return
  • Visited Michigan
  • Closed the on-line business
  • Au pair leaves and we hire a new nanny
  • Visit Mexico again
  • Jennifer arrives and moves in with us :)
  • R is stung by a scorpion
  • Drive to Michigan with kids and Jennifer for my brother’s HS graduation
  • V is stung by a scorpion
  • Visited Mexico
  • Was given advance lay off notice 2 days before I planned to give my notice
  • Laid off
  • Visited India where my husband interviewed for jobs
  • Accepted position in Navi Mumbai (him)
  • Put the house up for sale
  • Came to India with a friend when she picked up her newly adopted daughter (sans kids!)
  • Had cold feet as the packers came, considered not moving
  • Moved to India
  • Moved into the guest house
  • Moved to another floor in guest house
  • Kicked out of the guest house
  • Stayed with the inlaws
  • Moved into this apartment
  • Waited for weeks more for our things to arrive
  • I wean V at around 63 months old
  • Survive the Indian monsoon
  • Survive “holiday” season madness
  • Visit Dapoli area for a beach vacation.
    • It doesn’t compare to all our trips to Mexico.
  • Really begin to settle in here until
  • I miss everyone at Christmas time :)
    But here’s the thing, most people post these things and say it has been bliss. But for most of us, it isn’t always bliss. Sometimes it is no where close to bliss. But, it isn’t about being in bliss all the time. It isn’t about always agreeing on keeping the fridge open when you’re figuring out what to make (that’d be me!), but it is about being realistic. Things won’t always be perfect. Things aren’t always fun. In fact, sometimes I do want to just run away. Yes, this blog name is Attached Moms, but that doesn’t mean I’m immune to feelings of frustration, or wanting to bank my head against the wall. In fact, sometimes I do. Not sure that that is a good thing, but it keeps me sane it seems. Most of the time


We’ve been through a lot and we’re continuing to figure out what is next for us. Where will we end up? Will we stay here? I mean, I have yet to sign up for school for V next year – one school left to visit – but also because sometimes we’re just not sure. But, we can be sure that relationships can be tough, especially when you have cultural issues that may come out only after you’ve moved 10+ times. But we know what to generally expect and we know forgiveness. For now, it works. We don’t expect it to be the same way a year from now, but we know that we have to be flexible and forgiving.

To another decade :)

leaving bride and groom
From our wedding blessing in Michigan

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  1. I’d like to see a “moving back to the U.P” on here…..but only for selfish reasons.
    Ten years….wow! Congrats Amanda!

  2. That’s quite a lot that has happened to you and your family in a decade worth. Glad to know everything is still going strong. Congrats! Cheers to another decade. :)

    1. Thanks. I did the US wedding/reception for under $1000 with venue and all so we didn’t pay for a photographer. I sometimes regret that (we don’t have a picture of “the kiss”) but life goes on :)

  3. It is crazy when we look back at all the changes that have come in the past ten years! I met my husband at eighteen we now have our own home, married, graduated university, had one kid suffered with infertility and finally had our second. Your right its up and down but its all worth it in the end :)


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