A dressy dress sort of day – Homecoming


As I watch the posts of kids heading back to school one of the first major “school” holidays in the US is homecoming. While when I was in high school Homecoming was less formal I am always happy to see the great dresses and super formal events and the kids beaming with pride for their events.
A quick search will give a myriad of dresses and of course – being a few years (okay 15+ out of high school) I had no idea what is in fashion this year. It seems there are some tasteful options as well as risque option as well. But fun is what I think is what girls today want in a dress.

This dress on dressfirst.com

Super cute watermelon a-line princess dress for Homecoming
Super cute watermelon a-line princess dress for Homecoming

is super cute! I’m sure I would have had a much better time finding dresses if the internet was available when I was in high school! So many options!

I love this as a potential homecoming dress. It has a retro feel and is classy as well as funky.

homecoming dress
A classy and funky potential homecoming dress


Homecoming dresses 2014 – the options are endless. Now I must ask – is there a 30-something year old homecoming I can be invited to? It may give me some inspiration to exercise! :)


What did you wear to homecoming? OR do you have a kid you’re helping find an outfit for homecoming?

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  1. I’ve seen the watermelon a-line dress (less formal) on girls this past year. Very “in style”. But I really like the 2nd one, very cute!
    Homecoming…..I really can’t remember what I wore. But I do remember the dancing!!! lol

  2. we dont have a homecoming is it like a prom? we have those though i missed out on mine :( wish we did though- i love those dresses!!

    1. Homecoming is generally a week surrounding sporting event “home” games. The school may have special dress up days (like 80s day, zombie day)…. then after a football game on friday the week ends with a formal dance.

  3. I didn’t go to homecoming and i dont have any daughters, but I love the older ball gown styles as a formal dress. Im in my 30s as well, so if you find a homecoming for us, im in =)

  4. Those are so cute! I can’t wait til my girls get older! I just hope that we don’t end up having some massive argument over dresses…bc they will not be going in something that’s barely there lol

  5. I love the one from dress first.com. Very nice. Homecoming was a long time ago for me and I honestly can’t remember what I wore. Now prom, I remember because I have pictures of that and I was on prom court.

  6. I wore a short sequiny black dress that really was way to old and sophisticated for me. But it’s the one I set my mind on. The only one left was a size 16 and my mom still yes. My aunt had to alter down to a size 4. That was really nice of her, but ridiculous when I think back on it…

  7. I didn’t have a Homecoming. We didn’t have that at our school. It was done away with several years before I got there. But these dresses are beautiful. I would have loved to have something like that.

  8. Our homecoming was more casual than this. My oldest daughter is 13 so I’m going to have to figure out in the next year or two what the current fashion is for homecoming so I can help her choose a dress!


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