A year ago I was in Upper Michigan


A year ago I was in Upper Michigan visiting family. I’m a proud Yooper. (Please don’t say UPer— soooo annoying). At that time I told them I was likely moving to India. I mean we had been planning this move off and on for a long time – as in discussed it before V was even born. But even when I said it I wasn’t sure about it. I didn’t actually realize it was happening. Heck I don’t think I realized it when my husband was interviewing in December. Maybe neither of us believed it when the container came to pick up our packed items.


We watched our stuff get packed up. But – Did we know this move was for real? I knew to expect so much of “India” but living here is so much different.

But we’re here. I need to choose to make the most and the best of it. I need to choose to be happy. I need to choose to accept that for now – India is our home. The kids have started classes in conversational Marathi. I will need to start as well.

So life goes on.

The kids grow.

Time passes.

But we still need to move on. Even if we don’t want to move on we must.


Beautiful Upper Michigan


Blue sky and a few clouds. Enduring one of the “worst” monsoons in the Mumbai region has been fun. Okay might not be fun but this too is part of the experience of life.


My son enjoying decorative stones in Michigan last year at Mumu’s house.

So we miss many things about the US. Every year I miss going home to Upper Michigan but always love going back to my new home. But now looking at my current move- I do miss being able to visit family every 6-9 months. Now it has been a year and I miss home.

Okay now I have to figure out the rest of today and pack for a little weekend excursion. :)

wheel barrow

Enjoying the good life. No worries. No pollution. Clean air and just figuring out how to fix a wheel barrow.

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Attached Moms main writer, Amanda, is a full-time mom transitioning from her full-time work life. She's mom to V who just turned 6, and 4 year old R. With an inter-cultural relationship, she's attempting to navigate parenting, using her heart, not just her 'book' knowledge. She's earned a BS in Social Sciences, BA in technical communications and has three master's degrees: business, education and psychology. From Michigan originally, she currently resides in the Mumbai, India vicinity.

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