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A year back in the US and an 8th Birthday for my Girl


Can you believe we’ve been back from India for a year now (well a year and almost a day)?

Off to school on her 8th #birthday #stilllovesdolls #stayforeveryoung #gymnast #sweetie #blue #lace

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Yes, the time has come to realize I’m no longer “recently returned from trying to live in India” and now we’re just in to this next chapter of our lives. WOW. It also means, some how, over night, I have an 8 year old.

6 year old jumping in India thane hiranandani garden
When she was almost 6, she was really becoming her “self” – I can’t believe she’s 8. Oh cliche, I know!

My 8 year old. WOW!

Here’s my girl this morning before heading to school. No one tell her that Chuck E Cheeze isn’t for birthday’s only, because she’s been waiting since last April when we went there on my son’s birthday. Yep, they both waited that long, without fighting because I may have told them that “because it isn’t so healthy, it really is reserved for birthdays only). Since Miss V has a dance competition this weekend, and last weekend many were travelling for mid-winter break, V has a LONG wait until we have her birthday party in early March.

Thanks to Biscotti and Kate Mack for sending us this lovely dress!

biscotti-kate-mack dress
V absolutely loves the dress that Biscotti and Kate Mack sent us to try! It may be 38 degrees today, but that didn’t stop her from wearing this lovely dress.

Well I can’t believe how much she’s grown. I know, I know. I won’t get all sappy and you all, but really, this girl has been through moves, travels, so many schools! She is strong and loves dance, gymnastics, and freedom from her brother :) Yes, we had a great time at Disney last week, and now she’s able to be an official 8 year old. No, she’s not coming out of her booster seat just yet (in fact, she’s still harnessed in the van). Anyway, enjoy some photos here!

v turns 8- photo collage for birthday
This girl!! Honestly! She’s well-traveled, smart, fun, loves playing with her dolls and catching Disney Jr when no one’s watching (because her friends at school told her that’s for babies :( so she also watches those tween shows as well !) but she’s growing up – and I can only give her roots and wings and snuggle with her while she’ll let me . Oh, and yes she’s begging to do modeling again – not as easy in the US!

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