Action needed! Arizona homebirth to be limited without support


Without your support the rights of women to give birth in their chosen manner may be limited. Please read below to see how this affects you. We highly suggest you share the event even if you cannot attend on February 12, 2014. Arizona Homebirth to be changed without looking at what was agreed upon by members of the public, doctors, midwives agreed upon after a year plus of hard work! Don’t let legislators change your liberties and your rights without your input! Legislation by the people? Not really! People already agreed to midwifery rules last year! Why is the senate trying to over-ride this?

Let the senate know know that you believe in the rules revision process we went through as mandated by HB2247. You stand by the rules created and agreed upon by Director Humble in 2013. (More information below).

Take action and save your liberties!

SB1157 in AZ will limit women's rights
Fight Bill1157. See how to help keep your liberties!

Homebirth in AZ to be limited without your help!

On February 12, 2014, as in tomorrow as of this post, the AZ Senate, Health and Human Service Committee has SB1157 on the agenda, to restrict midwives from attending the births that our DHS and Scope of Practice Committee invested over a year to come to an agreement that satisfied both the state and the consumers. See information here.

In an e-interview with Allyson Fernstrom, who was very helpful in the consumer’s ability to have a say in their birth rights in the committee meetings with DHS) she said to,

The consumers have gone through every necessary channel since the fall of 2011 to increase their birth choices. This included participating in bill writing, working hand in hand with the department of health and opposing lobbyists, attending advisory committee meetings and so much more. All of this work was done so that our birthing options would be expanded to include VBAC and breech birth at home. In July of 2013, we finally achieved our goal! As the new legislative session begins, we are seeing a bill introduced that will take that right away from us. This is an attack on our birthing rights. It takes away our freedoms and limits our options. It is completely unacceptable.

Here’s the thing, the senate is supposed to look at rules that are representative of the people. I don’t see how this helps people, considering what the documented research says and what was agreed up last summer.

According to a post going on Facebook by concerned citizens and midwives, “WE NEED YOUR HELP. These are things *you* can do:

  1. Email the committee members and urge them to vote NO on SB1157. Learn more about what the bill says here and the bill is here A list of emails and phone numbers are below.
    1. Ed Ableser Member 26 Democrat 926-4118
      Nancy Barto Chairman 15 Republican 926-5766
      David Bradley Member 10 Democrat 926-5262
      Judy Burges Member 22 Republican 926-5861
      Katie Hobbs Member 24 Democrat 926-5325
      Kelli Ward Vice-Chairman 5 Republican 926-4138
      Kimberly Yee Member 20 Republican 926-3024
  2. Come to the committee meeting to show your support for homebirth consumers and midwives – dressed professionally, no kids.If you are not attending the rally, please meet in the Senate building Hearing room #1 at 2 p.m. 
    Phoenix, Arizona 85007
  3. Attend the rally outside the Capitol during the meeting if you have your kids with you and want to let the legislature and the public hear your voice on birth rights. Please meet at 1 p.m. February 12th, 2014 outside of the Senate Building for the rally.
    Phoenix, Arizona 85007


  4. Register your name and stance on the legislative comment system at the Capitol.
  5. Follow Michelle H on Twitter for updates from the meeting:
  6. Sign the petition:


How does this affect me? I don’t live in Arizona.

If you aren’t in AZ, know that this does and can affect you. States looking to change laws look at how other states make changes. This is real and this is something WE all need to realize is an infringement on our medical rights to choose birth.

A few years back I participated in a grassroots effort by compiling and doing a lit review of medical journal articles on safety of twin births. During that time I had already had a VBAC, but was amazed to find that even though I had “proven” my pelvis and had a VBAC, in AZ I wouldn’t be able to choose to have an assisted homebirth. If the reason for restricting my right was because previously an overzealous doctor said I was failure to progress, I wouldn’t be able to have an assistance if I later chose to stay away from the environment that had once chosen to NOT follow accepted medical practice for an (unnecessary) induction, then what? It was failure to wait. Failure to have a doctor feel that the baby was transverse. NOT failure to progress. And now I’m forced to trust these people, even though my body PROVED them wrong?

So last year an agreement was had and this bill looks to CHANGE it all. This is a disregard for a woman’s right to choose with informed consent. The agreed policy (that included MDs, OBs, midwives and the public are here.) This new bill would limit a licensed midwife from assisting a mother who:

  1. Has had a previous cesarean section.
  2. Is pregnant with multiple fetuses.
  3. Is pregnant with a fetus in a complete breech, frank breech or incomplete breech presentation.

Who benefits from this? Women? Nope. Babies? Nope. Please attend the rally, sign the petition and email your legislators!

Let those who presented this know that it is WRONG and an infringement on your liberties as citizens of Arizona and the US.

Senators Ward, McComish;

Representatives Meyer, Stevens: Livingston

Please act! Share this post and share the event!

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  1. Women should be able to choose how they want to birth,where they want to birth without restrictions. Sorry to hear this is going on in Arizona. I don’t know much on the subject but I’ll share via social media. Perhaps other ppl will be more of help.

  2. Ugh! I don’t know why politicians are so interested in women. What is it any of their business if we want home births or not? Why can’t they just look at other European countries and see this is NORMAL and much better for mom and baby.

  3. That is crazy! I’ve been reading recently stuff that is going on over in the US and I just shudder. I mean seriously, where are the basic human rights here?

  4. I have attended a home birth of a dear friend and all went well. It’s not for me, but women should be allowed this option.

  5. wow i could not imagine having my choice as to where i had my child taken away I mean as a woman it’s my right to decide what happen to my body including where I give birth.

  6. I personally wouldn’t birth in my home, but I feel every woman has the right to choose exactly where she wishes to birth her baby. Ridiculous anyone would want to limit her options!

  7. Personally, I would never even consider having a home birth. My second born was delivered via c-section. The umbliical cord was wrapped around his neck twice and they said if I would have attempted a normal birth he probably wouldn’t have made it. So thank goodness I did not consider that. I do not live in Arizona so this would not effect me.

  8. I agree that woman should be able to make their own decisions. Also working in a health care field I would be scared for myself to attempt a birth at home be it VBAC or in breech. This is a lot of food for thought. I did not think this could be a law but that was a recommendation by care providers

  9. Thats crazy!! I had a midwife for all three of my births and my last one was csection! I wouldn’t have had it any other way!! Good luck with your fight!


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