All packed up and ready to go


Our move to India is rushing toward us – head on! Originally, we had thought we’d have our stuff move out a month before we left so that we’d have less time in India in temporary housing. We assumed we’d find a one month furnished rental in Phoenix and go from there. Well, approvals in India take some time so that didn’t happen. Instead, when we thought we’d be flying, our stuff was still being packed up!


All of our bedroom items are all packed up and ready to go (first picture up there). We did our best to stuff our dressers full of clothes. The estimate said we were very close to being over full on the 20 ft container we had reserved. We are happy that we are getting these moving expenses reimbursed. Otherwise we would have had to truly start over and just take the 8 bags allotted (one under, one carry on) for our move. We did leave some items there during our December visit, since he had a verbal offer, and then when my husband went in February to look at schools and apartments. So we do have a few bags of “things” (mostly clothes/shoes and some books for the kids) already waiting for us. I’m sure my in-law’s spare room is bursting with our clothes at this point!









There goes our “outdoor” items. Bikes were packed in an interesting manner, along with our grill and other fun stuff! I have no idea where all these things will be stored, but we’re taking them along and will figure it out when we get there.













Our kitchen items – I already had to sell off my kitchen aid mixer, magic bullet and other electronic items, but we still have a good number of pots and pans, etc. I sorted through all my storage to make sure I did not take mis-matched or low quality items with us.









The rest of the household items – Do you see our sectional couch there?

And last but not least…










We can’t forget a new air purifier (with HEPA, not Plasma, perhaps a post on that will come soon). A must have for India.

It is estimated to take 7-12 weeks for our items to show up in India. I’m sure we’ll adjust without a lot of our “stuff” – and when the toys arrive it’ll be like thirteen Christmases!  Perhaps we can “release” toys as necessary to help see what toys we actually need. Of course “need” is a total subjective thing, right?

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