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Alternatives for colicky babies


No one likes to hear a baby in pain: crying incessantly, but for some reason, some babies are deemed colicky. Colic really means that the doctor cannot find the reason for baby’s discomfort. Drops of sorts are often prescribed (But this NIH abstract shows that simethicone is no better than placebo), but could this be masking the issue? There have to be alternatives for colicky babies, right? I’m writing this post due to a lovely commercial that’s been coming on tv as-of-late that promotes a specific formula for “babies who aren’t exclusively breastfed” and are colicky. Ahem. Isn’t that just telling moms to stop breastfeeding and head straight to their “I don’t market directly to mothers” bull?


Alternatives for colic in babies

Here are a few considerations for colicky babies

  • A study published in BMC Pediatrics shows that oral probiotics may be beneficial for colicky babies. NIH abstract.
  • Keep baby upright – for a newborn baby, a sling can be especially helpful in keeping baby upright and allow gasses and mommy’s heartbeat to calm and rest baby.
  • Chiropractic care may be beneficial (I personally saw this help in my son’s early discomfort and evening crying) according to this randomized trial and included a blind trial where parents were unaware IF their child actually received the care
  • Five out of sicks studies in this review showed decreased crying due to manipulative therapy (such as chiropractic care, osteopathy and cranial manipulations)
  • Diet adjustment – gluten or dairy may be a culprit – and for some it may be gassy foods that need to be removed from a nursing mother’s diet.
  • Consider timing of feeding – slower feeds (especially if bottle feeding) and more often may be better for baby.
  • Warm baths are often calming for babies with colic (and if baby needs to poop, this often helps!)

If you are interested there are ayurvedic and homeopathic options that are also available. I know many of my friends have had success after seeing a naturopathic doctor as well.
Two lovely videos:
Infant baby massage for colic:

and my most favorite… how are you changing your baby’s diaper? You may just change your mind after watching this video! How you change baby’s diaper does matter in your young baby!

Does your baby suffer from something that is causing unknown crying? What did you do to

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  1. My midwife gave me a long list of foods to avoid that commonly cause allergies or gas in breastfed babies. I stuck to it for two months and never had a problem with baby having a sick tummy. I’m really thankful I did this because now that he is eating solids, I’ve learned that he has many food sensitivities, many of which were on that list!

  2. Very interesting! I lucked out with both my kids and never experienced colic! I have known parents that have gone through it so I can only imagine what a relief this new finding would do! I would definitely look into these practices if I had a colicky baby!

  3. Wow, I’d never heard about the diaper thing. That’s really interesting. I’ll try to keep that in mind. Very helpful article. Thank you!


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