Amid all the chaos, love


Amid all the chaos I’ve mentioned in the past few posts, my kids are still having fun. When I told my daughter we may move soon, she said,

But you told me we’d be here at least a month. It has only been a few days.

Time flies when you’re having fun, so they must be enjoying it.

Yesterday, for one of the first times in recent memory, my son went to bed without nursing. In that, he didn’t even ASK to nurse. He just went into bed, played and fell asleep. I went to check on him, and found a pregnant son.

My Pregnant son – having a dragon baby. Yes, he has matching painted nails too.
What’s that in his belly?

So, here’s some love for you all :) My coffee from Tuesday :)


So, we think we’ll have a party still for our son this Sunday. My husband’s boss says he’ll make sure we get another week, even though it wasn’t approved yet. Also, it appears we may need to use family influence – the issues are known to my in-laws so my FIL wants to talk to someone he knows to see if something can change about our long-term stay here. No guarantees, and not something we want, but that’s hot things work here. You gotta know someone, do something, or more to get things to happen.

Oh, so I sent a nasty gram to management here yesterday due to the satellite TV bill not getting paid. Again.  Polite, yet firm.

Change happened!

They hooked it up and then set up a system. They came to all of us short-termers and wrote down when the bill was due and our subscriber ID. Wow. No idea why it wasn’t done before but at least this won’t happen to anyone else again.

But this is what they call micro-managing in the US, but is norm here in India.

Another positive – I mentioned there’s nothing to do mid-day and many of us have kids and it is summer break. They have a 100 seat movie theater here. But they are only showing cricket through May. Kids go back to school mid-June. Yet, all day long those who would watch cricket are probably at work (okay, save a few)… they are now showing movies Thursday afternoons, per my suggestion (I had to get another person to say the same thing, but I said it during a kiddie even they had this past weekend.) The first movie is today and isn’t really for kids, but it is movement. Just have to make some recommendations, but my kids are going to go watch Life of Pi today :)

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