Announcing our move back to the US


2 years ago, my husband was in the midst of accepting an offer for us to make this big move to India. I wanted the kids to learn Marathi and get to know “this” side of their family. The kids were young, I thought, so making the move would be much easier before they “knew” what missing friends meant. I’ll admit, I was wrong. My son, who was almost 3 when we left the US, still asks about his “Phoenix” friends. So, while we, sadly, won’t be heading back to Phoenix, we are able to announce that we’re heading back to the US.

4 year old packs to go to the US.
We purchased some new large bags (we now have 4 30-ish inch bags) for packing and my son immediately started packing. Mostly pillows. He seems concerned that I said we’ll just buy new ones in the US and started packing them and asking to have them locked. Oops. So far, he’s decided on all his airplaces, matchbox size cars, a jacket (not good enough for a Michigan winter!), and Hindi litters. :)

Was it a mistake to move to India?

No, I wouldn’t say that, but we were definitely not prepared for it. The early days were fun, and then we faced getting kicked out of the guest house that the company my husband works for had said we could stay in until our things arrived. After our stint in urban camping, and still not having our stuff leave the US, we had second thoughts and considered time and again to head back. But we didn’t. In the past month, since we’ve made this commitment to head back, our daughter, who will be 7 a few days after we get back to the US, has stared speaking more Hindi and has learned to read/write a bit as well. Our son is almost fluent in Hindi, understands some Marathi, and also some Gujarati. So, while I’ve missed friends, I’ve learned a bit about myself (and found some things I just am not cut out for, one of which is people not washing their hands.) and the kids and my husband have bonded with my inlaws quite well.

What we need to do for this international expat move

So moving abroad, is a lot of work! Heading back is too! So, we’re sorting through everything. I don’t want to take back boxes of things that haven’t been opened here… and also had moved from Maryland to Phoenix with us unopened too! I refuse to bring back unmatched socks as well. Yes, really. I still haven’t found all the pairs and I still haven’t tossed them… I keep giving some of them hope! It has been a year since that post almost! WHAT?

So far we’ve:

  • Received some moving quotes
  • Purchased a new sofa set
  • Purchased a new dining table (No more glass!)
  • Found new owners for some items (my sister in law and in-laws)
  • Joined a group which inspired me to get rid of things (2015 in 2015, I think I’m over 2015 already), so the lady who sweeps my floors and does my dishes in the morning is the proud owner of a lot of new items, most of which she can sell for scrap or her children can use.
  • Purchased Marathi books for the kids to keep up with Marathi
  • Put the kid’s bed up for sale (V wants a “simple” bed and while R wants a bunk bed where he sleeps in the open part)
  • Purchased some new clothes, especially winter ones! It has been 8 years since I’ve lived in a place that ever sees snow!
  • Started to look for a place for our live-in maid to work next.
  • Purchased all of the fabric “bandaids” one store carried since they’re hard to find in the US :)
international move packing
So yes, my big thing now is sorting and packing. Packing our old winter clothes, buying “end of season sale” winter clothes here… and a few gifts for family. Our days are packed!

Now we’re focusing on:

  • Finding a Realtor
  • Finalizing quotes for the move
  • Maximizing the time we’re here.

Funny story, I was in a rickshaw the other day and was thinking, wow, I’m really going to miss this. You know, just heading outside and being able to go where I need to.

I totally forgot that in the US I can drive myself where I need to go!


Expect a few more posts related to the move back to continue to be posted!

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  1. Moving back and forth- such an emotional decision. I am curious- was there a tipping point? I mean, was there something that made you realize that the family needed to go back to the US no if ands or buts?


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