Another dramatic maid exit – Mumbai Maid Saga


Maids, maids, maids. You can live without them, but having them is so much easier. Except when there’s drama. And drama seems to accompany most of them. After all, they are people. You are a person, and you likely have drastically different backgrounds and expectations.

Having a live in maid is a luxury and good ones are hard to find. In early June we seemed to find our luck with a new maid. Good vibes, cleaned well, good with kids. Illiterate (she said she did 1st standard three times before they stopped sending her), but smart and genuine. She liked doing some of my “learning” apps and she was pleasant to be around.

And then her brother was in an accident.

So she ran off to see her. She arrived back a day early, even though a guy called from her phone saying she would be late, so we were surprised but happy.

And then that night she slept in the “maid” room, which she never did before as it doesn’t have a proper fan… but we figured it was because she said her mother was also in the hospital.

So the next morning, Monday, her door was shut so I was quiet getting things ready for V’s school. I waited to the last minute to grab V’s lunch bag from the room… only to find the door to the corridor (outside) OPEN and her gone.


And western clothes, that she never wore, sitting on top her mattress.

I told my husband and then went with V down to get her bus. I figured she was having an affair and fell asleep at his house and we’d have to have a talk when she returned. Especially since she normally was good about locking doors and all. We gave her plenty of time off during the day to run her own errands and have free time.

By 7 when she didn’t arrive I was a bit confused. By 740 we had to be out the door as it was “meet the principal day” at our daughter’s school. Along the way, she called. But since my husband was driving he didn’t answer the phone. She called again, but we figured she could wait outside (the maid room can be locked off from the rest of the house) until I got home.

My husband dropped our son off after he dropped me off and then called her back.

Except she didn’t answer.

A guy did.

A guy claiming to be her husband.

Her husband who apparently just came from Uttar Pradesh jail. For murder.

He indicated she was having an affair with his friend AND she had a kid. That explained the photo of the kiddo on her phone (that she claimed was her friend’s)…

But murder?

He said he didn’t want her working and just wanted a divorce. Why does he care if he wants a divorce?

He then told my husband (mind you, he was volunteering this information),

In my village we kill women for this. She’s lucky I just want a divorce.

Needless to say I’m paranoid in reading my husband’s text.

I’m on my way back to the house.

He said he’d come with her to pick up her stuff.


Can I really look a murderer in the eye?

I decide to pack her things and leave them with the guard.

She’ll have to give the key to get her stuff.

I lock the maid access door and put big boxes in front of it.

Two days later, I still won’t go in that room alone.

I’m worried for her.

What can protect a woman here? I don’t know if she had an affair. I don’t know if he went off to jail and her only way to get protection was to shack up with his friend. Afterall she’s illiterate… which options does she have?

I will always wonder what will happen to her.

I have to breathe. I have to pray and hope the best for her. I have to pray he is reasonable.

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  1. Yeah … I don’t understand why the jailbird Husband would care if she worked or not if he just wanted a divorce. Crazy. I think I would do without a maid just to feel safe in my own home.

  2. That’s insane. I hope she is alright and that you are able to find answers. Why would he care if she works if he’s divorcing her – unless he left something out of the story.

    1. Two weeks later and I’m still wondering what happened. I know she was likely nervous as she had soked some beans and when I woke up I noticed that in the middle of the night she had peeled some of the casings of the garbanzo beans. That seems like a nervous or “waiting” moment…

  3. That is certainly something that would give you pause and wonder about hiring anyone else. I had an experience with a live in many years ago that was not exactly the same but somewhat similar. When she was gone, I did breathe a sigh of relief but was worried a bit about any aftermath for quite some time.

  4. Oh wow. That is some seriously scary drama – and I always wonder more about the people who VOLUNTEER this kind of scary negative insight to themselves. Who broadcasts their violent misdeeds or intentions!?!

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