Apartment requirements and important things


When we discussed this move to India over the past few years, I always indicated that I had a few requirements. Everyone has “must haves” to remain sane. Whether it is fresh air, near transportation, ability to get food you prefer, we all have them.

My main concerns were

  • Security
  • Fully shutting windows
  • Washer not in the kitchen
  • Cleanish
  • 3 bedrooms 

We have most of those. After being here, I added a dryer.

Yes, I realize a dryer is not green or eco friendly, but with 80% humidity now, and soon to be 100% in a few days (for a few months straight) I couldn’t foresee myself not being upset when I am wearing damp muggy stinky clothes. Most of our  clothes aren’t thin, single layer cotton, and even that can take a few days to dry. 

So, I was excited that, even though we lack any real furniture, we have clean and dry clothes. 

While the washer and dryer is in the kitchen, at least I have a dryer and no longer am hanging my clothes in the extremely stinky “dry” areas. 

I also wanted to be near their school, and we sorta are. Like 15 minutes or less, with out rain. But rains are on their way, so it might be a bit longer. We shall see.

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  1. Aww – the pleasure of small requests. Having clean smelling clothes always brightens my days. :-) Did you get your fully shut windows?

  2. Yes, fully shutting windows! Many are just on three different tracks for “three” across, and they slide past each other, so there’s always way for sound/bugs/rain/pollution to get in otherwise!


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