Argh – an interim move


So it is almost 6 pm on Friday. My husband just called. The extension he put in for us has been denied. He was told to put it in again and write the reason as “personal.” Well the reason isn’t personal – it is that our stuff isn’t here yet! It took a month for US customs to go through our crap and I’m sure it is nicely put back in and nothing is in worse condition (HAHA)… then we hear that the company that rented “us” the container now wants an extra $1500 for the delay (used ones you can purchase for like $3000, so yeah, get that one for you). Plus, US customs charges for our random check an extra $500. Now we also find out that rather than arriving in and being to us by the 10th of June, they’re saying the 17th of June. This is why we specifically asked for our things to be moved in February NOT March.

But since it didn’t happen, and because they wait until the last minute for EVERY FRIGGEN THING (can you feel my emotion?), they’re having us move to another guest house. When you ask? Sunday. Yep, two days from now. Not even a 48 hours notice. Mind you, we still don’t have a car. We did put in our request (the company finances which allows us to save on taxes, ugh, so it is like 30% savings) almost two weeks ago, but still no vehicle. So my inlaws are sending a car to help us out. What the hell would we do if they weren’t local.
Let’s not forget that my husband put in the extension request the day after this current one was approved as in 9 business days ago!


So now we get to move. Can the guy from the top floor who makes these decisions please come talk to my 5 year old for me?

Oh and let’s not forget that we still need to move into a permanent place in a month. She already is upset about having to constantly find new friends. There goes our weekend.

So, off to the shower really quick and we’ll take the kids down to play. Hopefully a few friends will be around. Oh, and please have delivered a bottle of wine or a nice, cold beer. Please and thanks.


Happy Mother’s Day Sunday. Mamas in Phoenix – I’ll miss you on Saturday. Please have a mimosa for me! I’ll be packing.
sad face photo: sad face sad-face.jpg

Oh and remember to vote for me! I’m not sure if I’ll have internet to even vote for myself so any help is appreciated.

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  1. and I know there are three open flats in another building and a ton more I’m sure. It isn’t about openings, it is about pull.

  2. Since your in-laws are helping you with a car, maybe you can drive your daughter over to the old guest house (after the move) for a playdate or two. I know that’s a lot of trouble, but it might help her a lot.

    1. Yes, they are helping as needed, but not daily. It turns out this second place is around 40 minutes away :( but one new friend here mentioned meeting or her sending a car for us if the day is entirely open for them. We will figure it out.

  3. I completely understand your frustration. I have been in a similar situation and it is so frustrating. Hang in there it will all come together.

  4. When it rains, it pours, uh? Wow…..
    Hope you get some rest (somewhere in between all this) this weekend….:)


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