What is Attachment Parenting


Attachment parenting isn’t new. Attachment parenting isn’t a set of rules. It is instinctual parenting. Unlike methods that ask you to follow specific rules like certain books on say sleep training, attachment parenting doesn’t say “if you don’t breastfeed you can’t be an attached parent.”

What is attachment parenting?

What is attachment parenting?

Attachment Parenting (AP) is a term coined by Dr. William Sears regarding a parenting style where parents believe that bonding and active parenting (24 hour parenting) is an important component of raising children. There are a few organizations which “professionally” support these types of parents.This website and its forum is meant to link parents who follow the principles of AP. The forums and articles (most to come) are there for parents to find professionals, groups, and resources that are supportive of their lifestyle.While there are no rules in attachment parenting, a general guideline to be an attached parent would include:
– responding to baby’s needs – on demand feeding
– wearing baby to keep close
– co-sleeping or bedsharing to respond easier
– breastfeeding (and many attached parents will say breastfeeding is lazy, again ease of use)
– non-violence
– gentle or positive discipline in older children
– no spanking
– are consistent in their parentingIn addition, some AP parents tend to:
– birth at home or choose natural birth support (including mom-centered cesarean)
– nurture empathy as children get older
– talk openly regarding sexuality using medical terminology
– eat natural or organic foods
– use cloth diapersFurther, some parents may:
– practice natural infant hygiene (elimination communication)
– extended breastfeed with child-led weaning
– homeschool, unschool or alternative education

What is attachment parenting?

It is about going back to basics. It is about realizing that we’re all always growing. We’re always learning and sometimes learning means going with your instincts more than what you’ve been told.

know better do better
Know better – do better. Don’t be afraid to grow.

Attached Parents also may use the Maya Angelou saying, “When you know better, you do better.” This means that you need not feel guilty about the past as you’re moving toward something different. Life is about growth and attachment parenting support groups can help give a toolbox of parenting options that may work for one family but not another. With support a family can find that sweet spot that works for them, while not dismissing the needs of the children.

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  1. Each parent has their own way of raising their children so it’s great to see another person’s perspective.

  2. I agree with most of the concepts about attachment parenting, but we did spank our children. It was only for “major” offenses, like outright lying or outright disobedience or outright disrespect, but I think that for 3 kids, we only had to do it a total of 7 times in 16 years.
    Otherwise, we didn’t hide anything from them, sexually speaking …we spoke to them on their level, but didn’t overload the issues, nor did we give them information they couldn’t handle. I think too many parents try and swing in the direction of “overload”. What 3 year old really needs all the info about how babies are made? Isn’t “Mommy and Daddy made you” enough for a 3 year old? Just my opinion…
    great read!

    1. Often sex isnt really just blatabt but like you said “mom and dad made yoy” rather than a stork. But it more refers to saying vagina, uterus, etc. We do use fake words…. another showing that every family has theirnown way of “right”


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