pictures of awesome kid's rooms

Awesome kid’s bedrooms – WOW Pinterest!


Yes, we’re in the midst of “shopping” week, and few kids have a new bedroom on their Christmas list, but my kids found an old catalog for Cedarworks and so I am in the “oh my I wish” stage and wanted to share a few awesome bedrooms with you!

pictures of awesome kid's rooms

Okay, first we have this awesome Rhapsody by Cedarworks bed. (Oh and, I’m not an affiliate or anything, but saw on their website if you subscribe to their site they have this 10% off deal: Save 10% on Rhapsody Playsets and Playbeds and holiday delivery is guaranteed when you order by December 2nd.)

cool bunk bed
Cedarworks Rhapsody bed with a slide, upper bunk and hiding area underneath. Cost Rhapsody Bed 2
regular, $3,850 and sale $3,465

If you aren’t one for straight lines or super soft colors, check out this bright kid’s bedroom option. WOW.


Kid room
Upper play area, work area and tons of COLOR. Vibrant colors in kids room!

Okay can I have this bedroom? My best guess of the source for the awesome idea is

awesome kid bedroom or tree house
Bring the outdoors in with this awesome tree house INSIDE






Fe Fi Fo Family has an awesome kid’s play area. The upstairs could be preschooler’s bed.

Super awesome kid's play room. Upstairs is a nice bed or secret cove!
Click the photo to see even more great pictures of their play area.


Now is there a reason Toys R Us in the US doesn’t carry this awesome hippy-inspired Pink De Van Cabin Bed?

bus bed
Toys R Us UK carries this (in blue as well). Fun, huh?;jsessionid=C0AF661ACBC86B62E416DCDE75490433.app26


If you can’t go all out like some of the awesome beds on pinterest (here’s a link to my kid’s room pinterest board), for $650 amazon has the below single loft bed. With a few finishing touches, I’m sure your child would love this bed as much as the others… well, as long as you keep the other photos to yourself. (Click picture to see it on amazon)

Now I’ve never said my kid’s room is bad or anything (linked below), but I don’t think I’ll let them see these awesome kid’s bedrooms any time soon…. you know?

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  1. We live in a small 1000 sq ft condo but WOW if I had more room for the girls’ room, I’d be all over some of these ideas.


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