Babywearing in India – Indian-made Anmol Wrap


When I visited in India in 2008 with my then infant daughter, I swear, other than some beggars, I was the only one babywearing. Today, though, babywearing is expanding. When we visited in 2011 with our two kids, I remember getting off a train and being told by a random stranger, “You know only poor people and those in the northeast wear their babies, you should let them have space.” I was dumb-founded because really I was keeping my kids from germs, getting lost, AND keeping them lovingly secure.

Babywearing in India

Today, however, things are changing even more! A few big companies have their carriers available, but even more, ergonomically designed and comfortable carriers are becoming available in India! Last week, I was able to sit down with Rashmee, the creator of the Anmol Wrap – For a Precious Bond. Anmol, meaning precious, is definitely a fitting name for this carrier. Babywearing was traditionally done and is done by those doing labourious jobs still today, but to see more women (and men) wearing babies in the malls and in metro areas is exciting, because that means the perception of babywearing is changing.

The Anmol Wrap

Anmol Wrap
The Indian-made Anmol Wrap, created by Rashmee Gajra.

Likewise, Rashmee had her first son then her second child and realized there had to be a better way to babywear. Rather than use the carriers available in massmarket that looked and felt unsafe, Rashmee created her first wrap. While at La Leche League and other meetings, she had others asking her to make them one. However, jersey fabric is difficult to find in India, so she had to work on finding a source for quality fabric.

The Anmol Wrap is a stretchy wrap cotton fabric that has a cotton panel to help find the middle of the wrap and to give some mental security. As a stretchy wrap, you can really use the Anmol wrap from birth until after walking age. I’ve used similar wraps for up to age 2, but the big thing is to keep your child secure and to adjust the wrap as needed if the baby gets wiggly. Stretchy wraps are not for back carries, but side and front cross carries are perfect in the Anmol Wrap.

The Anmol wrap has one way stretch meaning you get a custom fit every time you wrap, but the baby won’t “stretch” the wrap out, nor will you find sagging to be a problem. Plus, the super cute coordinating decorative panel gives support just where you need it.

Benefits of Babywearing

Babywearing leads to calmer babies, free hands for mom and a great bond. In India, where about 90% of the area you’ll go to with a baby is NOT stroller friendly, it definitely makes sense to babywearing.

Babywearing is personal, every person has their preference for carriers. It doesn’t matter the price of the carrier, just that it is helpful to mom and baby, fits well and helps keep that mom-baby connection.

You can purchase Anmol Wrap from Rashmee and get continuous support from like minded mothers as well through her facebook page and facebook group.

Disclosure: This is an uncompensated support for baby wearing :) NO benefit gained from writing this article, except maybe a few more people wearing their babies :)

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  1. I can’t believe someone would say that (about poor people) I LOVE babywearing and it has come a long way. My kids enjoyed it so much and it was so comforting to have them close by – really helped us to bond. Great post!

  2. Ah Viva la difference–in cultures and how they perceive different things. I see nothing wring with baby wearing and do think it is safer for the baby in the long run–no one can run off with the stroller!!

  3. I’m so glad to find other babywearing mommies in India. I too faced the similar situation when I made my first pouch sling. People would be surprised amused and alarmed by my way of holding my little girl. Once while shopping, a lady actually asked me if I didn’t care about my daughters safety!!

    But here I am 3 yrs later, making pouch slings for fellow babywearing moms :) … Life has come a full circle :)

      1. Exactly!!
        Anyway, things are getting better, all my friends have been gifted my LuckyDuck pouch slings so I have company 😉
        Very nice blog btw, enjoying it !!


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