Babywearing on vacation with photos


There are times when babywearing is just convenient. When on vacation babywearing can be useful for a variety or reasons, including: crowds, airport transfers, babywearing is convenient. Of course babywearing has the overall benefits (bonding, etc) but when it comes to vacation babywearing can be beneficial.


Along with other bloggers I am  showing some love for babywearing. Thank you to Modern Alternative Pregnancy for getting us all together. Be sure to check out all the posts in the babywearing blog hop!



Babywearing on vacation basics

Consider the basics of your vacation to determine how you’ll get your baby around with you. Of course, toddlers on vacation (and even preschoolers!) need help getting around!

For example answer these questions:

  • What is the climate? 
  • Will you need a UV wrap for a younger baby? 
  • Will more than one adult be wearing the child?

Other thoughts on the line of vacations

  • If you take a stroller will you have a place for it to go when you’re on a ride or hiking?
  • Will you physically be able to take a carseat and stroller to the airport with you?
  • Do you have a back up sling in case of a super poopy diaper or rain?

The first day of vacation is not the time to try out baby wearing. It also isn’t the best time to use a wrap or carrier. Try it at home or use a friend’s sling with support so that you and your child are comfortable with the carrier or sling. Heck, visit a Babywearing group if you really want to get support.

Even if you do take a stroller (not that it is a bad thing!) take a sling with you because we all know there are times when the kiddo wants or needs to be held. Pushing a stroller one-handed while holding a sleepy toddler is no fun!

Babywearing to get the scene in allows a baby to get mama time AND you can venture into the wooded area without worrying about where the stroller will be!

image (3)

Babywearing while visiting “old” friends – double the bond :)

image (2)

Gramma can join in on a hike and help with a kiddo.

image (1)

Thank you to Carena for sharing these photos!



Babywearing through a crowded area on vacation makes it easy to get in and out without running over toes or the kiddo deciding “up now mama please” and then you’re doing the one arm stroller hold!

photo (2)

And the prettier the wrap (and mama/baby) the better the photo :) The strollers definitely do the scenery no justice :)



Baby wearing at the beach
But you can babywear on the beach. Because, hell if I would ever try to push a stroller through the sand!
Thanks to Jackie from

You can babywear on a double decker bus! Because yeah, fold and go, even with one hand isn’t the most convenient.


Thanks to Marissa for the photo!
Thanks to Marissa for the photo!

You can babywear in India because there are very few spots where strollers can get by.


Happy Baby.
baby-wearing-at the taj mahal
Babywearing at the Taj Mahal

You can babywear in Yellowstone! Thanks to Katie of for her submission.

2013 Beach and Cali 057 (1)
A bumpy boardwalk and strollers (or for this lovely 6 year old, a walker or wheel chair) just wouldn’t work.

Babywearing can help with bonding after adoption. But sometimes you need to wear your 5 and 6 year olds while visiting a boardwalk area. Especially when getting up and down the steps to the “shore” area would be impossible with wheel chairs. Thank you to Jamie from for sharing!

You can babywear your twins while out and about! Daddy can help too!

Babywearing dad on vacation. Get through the crowds with ease
When you have twin infants and other kids, babywearing becomes a necessity
When you have twin infants and other kids, babywearing becomes a necessity

But when it comes down to it – do what works for you. Many times taking a carseat, a stroller and luggage is too much for vacation. If there’s no place to park your stroller safely while going on amusement rides, then wear your toddler.


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  4. I have always wanted one of these but never got them and by the time I looked around my kids were big ones. They sure do help out to keep hands free though

  5. I never used a sling with my boys. Never really thought about it but I wish I would have, specially with my youngest one, it would have made outings way easier.

  6. I am so happy to see some many are wearing their babies and not strapping them into equipment!
    My children are quite grown up, 30- 40 years old, but I remember wearing my own babies way back then.
    Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna

  7. Fun post! We’re thinking about having a third, and I’ve given my Baby Bjorn to a sister-in-law…I may be looking into another carrier! I’m pinning this for later :)

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