Attached Parenting

Back to basics of attachment parenting


Basics of attachment parenting are not that difficult when you have an itty bitty baby. Listen and respond to baby. Be close, gentle and loving. They soak it up, you bond and things are great (usually).

When they get older, you not only have to deal with figuring out what attachment parenting or just *being* a parent is and compare that to what goals you have for you as a parent. I’m in a sticky spot right now as a parent. Not doing as I would like and not happy with how things are going. On the elliptical I’ve been listening to a book on my kindle – Screamfree Parenting: The Revolutionary Approach to Raising Your Kids by Keeping Your Cool
parenting and it is more than just not “screaming” – it is whatever reaction you have to your child that is meant to control them rather than figure out “you” so to speak and it does ring from the mountain tops for sure. It really is about learning to control yourself, keep your cool, and realize you can only control YOU, not them. Who wants a robot kiddo anyway?

While the book isn’t listed under the attachment parenting book guide whatever that is, it goes back to the idea that, as a parent, our goal isn’t to live our lives through our kids but more that we need to get a control on us as adults so we can guide and have a positive bond with our kids. Of course, a child reacts better and is more open when we aren’t screaming or with-holding love, right? But, at times we need those reminders.

What are your basics?

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