Barefoot Books – A non-commercial option for the love for reading


Have you been introduced to Barefoot Books? I have a whole library of their books, but just become an ambassador. I’d love to introduce you to these books!

About Barefoot Books:  

Barefoot Books was created in 1992 by two moms who wanted to have meaningful and creative careers that could truly make an impact on the world. Today, Barefoot Books is an independent publisher with offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Oxford, UK. Barefoot Books specializes in carefully crafted children’s books, CDs, games, puppets, puzzles and gifts that celebrate enduring values and inspire creativity. As a small, passionately committed team, we bring expertise, enthusiasm and close attention to every product we make. At the heart of everything we do are our core values: imagine, explore, create, connect, and give back.


Now as a “green” mom, I recognize that books are made of paper. Here’s some information about Barefoot Books and sustainability:


Paper is core to a publisher’s business. We want to protect the world’s remaining ancient forests and ensure that the forestry and paper manufacture undertaken on behalf of Barefoot Books is ethical and legal. The welfare of the people involved in and affected by the supply of paper to Barefoot Books is also of paramount importance to us. Our printers do not use paper that contains pulp from illegal or unsustainable sources in the manufacture of our books. We are increasingly using paper that has been graded 3* by the PREPS Grading System or certified by the FSC, the gold standard in forest management and responsibly sourced paper. We continue to work with our suppliers to improve the environmental credentials of our products. Our board books and activity books are made using recycled paper. See and for more information.


All of the ink used by Barefoot Books printers is vegetable based.


Barefoot Books print suppliers have systems in place to feed paper offcuts and wastage back into their supply chain. Plus, packaging is made from recycled material and recycled again after use. Barefoot Books recycles as much as possible in our own offices and Studios.

Here are some of my favorite Barefoot Books!

Barefoot Books also have also have games which focus on cooperation and books for kids who read chapter books and more! Whos-in-the-Garden-USsticker_W MotherGooseRemembers_HCwCD_W_4 If you’re wondering, “Where can I buy Barefoot Books?” The answer is right in the link below! If you are a school teacher, or a home school parent, do let me know as I have special opportunities for you, including books sales and fund raisers!


What do you think is the benefit of kids reading non-“Character” laden stories?

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  1. I absolutely love that they make sure that everything from the paper they use to the ink and everything after and in-between is either from sustainable sources or from recycled materials and can be recycled! Barefoot books has some really cute books. As for non character books–it allows a child’s imagination total free reign. Whatever gets a child to love reading is A-Okay in my book!

  2. I have a few of their books and love them. I was actually thinking of becoming a distributor once but didn’t have the time. I’ll have to think about it again.

  3. My kids have many books from Barefoot Books. It is definitley a great choice for kids books.

  4. I’ve always liked Barefoot Books too. I will be sad when my kids outgrow them. I’ve still got one left in that targeted age bracket. :)

  5. Barefoot Books does have some lovely books. I have bought one or two as gifts. I love that they are environmentally aware and do what it takes to protect our earth for their readers-the children!

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