Biodegradable diaper bags… Can a cloth user use these?

Okay, so most of the people I know who choose to use paper/plastic diapers, (you know, the ones that head into the trash and sit forever in a landfill…) use plastic bags of some sort to “keep the smell” in until trash pick up day.So you won’t feel as bad about the plastic diapers pouring into the landfill, they now have come up with biodegradable diaper bags, at first glance we have to wonder, if we care about the earth, WHY are we using disposables in the first place? But then again, if for some reason you need a place to store your cloth diapers, at least there’s a biodegradable option.Of course, I urge everyone, especially those with “eco-friendly” minds to use cloth diapers or consider some elimination communication (visit EC wear for choices!)?

A good point was made – perhaps these are a great option for parents who use Cloth at Daycare and the daycare requires that the diapers be bagged or double bagged after each change. Rather than using plastic that traditionally stays in landfills forever, these bags would be an option for those moms for sure!

Support the earth, love your baby, use cloth!

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