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Bring me a bald Barbie please! How to Comb Barbie Hair


Before Christmas we had a big decision to make: Introduce Barbie or delay further, even though our 5 year old really wanted one like her friends. One thing I didn’t consider was how to comb Barbie hair.

We had already found a Barbie knock off that had long Rupunzel hair.

Guess what.

Rupunzel hair sucks.

barbie hair in tangles
Less than a month in and Barbie knock off needed a hair-do. It is so bad that my daughter started getting upset with her own hair because her doll’s hair wouldn’t comb. But the short-haired, dark haired Barbie fashionista has smooth soft hair that doesn’t tangle. Guess who now wants “nice, black Indian hair?”
Now to convince her it isn’t the hair but needing combing and to accept her hair again… we decided to comb her knock-off Barbie’s hair and braid it so it stayed nice. Guess how long it took to comb knock-off Barbie’s hair? Yeah. A long time.

Barbie can bring a bald Barbie. I’ll pretend for the moment that the real reason I want a Barbie who is bald is for those with various ailments that take away their hair.

Telogen Effluvium has you losing hair? Vote for a bald Barbie.

Steps to combing Barbie's hair.
Steps to combing Barbie’s hair.

Chemotherapy has you losing hair? Consider requesting a bald Barbie.

combing barbie hair
While I used a mineral oil and coconut oil mix to help with hair combing, I have no idea if it made this 2 hour process any easier. Wine is recommended

Lupus has you losing your hair? Petition Matel for a bald Barbie.

combing barbie's hair
Oil is helpful it seems, so I add more. And more. And more. Continue to separate hair into small chunks. Yes, I used the small “barbie’ brush on this thing. I wonder if there’s a better option.

Alopecia Areata has you losing your hair? A bald Barbie may just be something to bring public acceptance of your situation.

combing barbie's hair
Knock off Barbie appreciates the free hairdo.

Barbie and her knock off friends should come with disclaimers. I hear American Girl Dolls can be sent in for new hairdos when their hair gets knotted. I think they just re-hair them. Seriously. This doll’s hair will be staying in braids. Otherwise, we’ll just give her a nice buzz cut. She’d look good that way. next up: Barbie wigs.

Combing Barbie hair.
How to comb Barbie hair? Ha! Lots of oil, some wine, and lots of patience.

Oh, as a matter of fact. Vintage Barbie had a wig option. You can even buy it on Amazon (affiliate link enclosed).

What are your tips if someone asks how to comb Barbie hair?

Is a bald Barbie sounding better?

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  1. I saw something on Pinterest once about how to deal with doll hair. I want to say you can put a little detangler in there, or conditioner… I dont remember exactly, but there is a very good post about it! I do like your instructions though.. #2 being my favorite!

  2. Now this is neat. I just introduced Barbie to my 3 year old so I know this post will help me out a lot! Thank you heading to pin it now so I can remember!

  3. Thanks for sharing the process with us. I am pretty sure we have washed and conditioned, and used detangler in doll hair throughout the years. Some doll hair does tend to get quite tangly. I know your daughter is happy that you combed her doll’s hair and styled it so pretty! God bless! :)

  4. Great Idea, I Remember One XmasI Got The Girls LOTS Of Barbies & Had The Same Problem… I Was Told To Use A Cat Or Dog Brush It Works Wonder, You May Want To Try!!!

  5. I already have a Barbie disaster at home and her hair is getting out of control. Wish I had seen this post before making that momentous decision of buying a barbie for my daughter! :)

  6. I had a Barbie knock-up when I was a kid and it’s hair got really bad. I faithfully played with it and tried to comb it’s hair but nothing would help. Washing it just made it worse.
    Then one day I came home from school and my little sister had cut it hair short. I was hysterical and cried the rest of the day. I think I hated her for a week at least and it was really hard to forgive her.
    The trauma of my childhood 😉 Wish I had had your tips then, or my mom would had them.

  7. I know the pain! One thing that works and cut the time it needs to de tangle the hair Ina doll is or using a hair conditioner, or a mix of water and fabric softener in a spray bottle, I don’t remember my own barbies getting as nasty in such a short time, I am sure they changed the nylon used for the hair for something cheaper and crappier, and that the Indian dirt and dust problem is not helping the hair issue either.

  8. This reminds me of the barbie that my daughter gave a new hair cut wahhh. She got frustrated combing it that she decided to cut it short. Oh well. Wish she could have read this before.

  9. Great tips on combing Barbie’s hair here. I will have to take this for how to comb all dolls hair. We don’t have a Barbie. My little one isn’t interested in her yet. :)

  10. I always hated barbie hair… it tormented me with it’s dryness, friziness and the strands that would get everywhere. All the respect for you for wanting to deal with combing it.. I would just give up on the doll!

  11. Poor Barbie, she was good through the whole thing! I don’t like tasks that take that much effort or concentration, I am afraid I would take a pair of scissors and have pixie barbie!

  12. I had always hated the Barbie hair. Even when I was growing up, it was the most horrid thing I’d ever dealt with as far as toys went. My girls won’t play with them because they hate the hair. I thought the bald Barbies were a great idea for ill children or even those that hated the idea of brushing the hair. Some children want bald Barbies because of a sick relative.
    I’m glad you show the images above how to deal with the hair. That makes great for future ref.

  13. Barbie’s hair always sucked! I hated that one you took it out of the “factory do” then it would be all frizzy and nasty. We usually wound up giving her a haircut 😉


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