Bringing Kids to Work: How to Keep Your Kids Occupied While You’re Working


Keeping your children busy while you work is a must if you ever hope to get much done. They can get bored, distracted or simply curious about what you do. Try some child-friendly activities to keep your little ones preoccupied while you rush to beat that deadline.

What ideas do you have to keep your kids occupied while you work?
What ideas do you have to keep your kids occupied while you work?

Board games

Staci Salazar, writing for says, “Kids of all ages love board games.” Your kids are probably no exception. Salazar suggests keeping some of these games saved just for “your ‘work’ time.” There are many titles to choose from, but make sure they are appropriate for your children’s ages and skill levels. Remind them to put away all board pieces after play, so nothing gets lost.

Drawing and coloring

Children love to draw. Give them a stack of paper, a box of crayons and pencils and they will be busy for a while. Check on them once in a while to make sure nobody is scribbling on the walls. Or, if you would rather avoid the mess, let the kids play with an art app on a smart device. For example, Coloring Book for Me & Mandala for the Android allows users to make interesting colored artwork. Set a time limit on your kids’ screen time.

Jigsaw puzzles

Puzzles come in different sizes and levels of difficulty. Stock up on puzzles that match your kids’ ability, age and areas of interest. Choose those that feature your kids’ favorite subjects or cartoon characters.

Craft Kits

Humor writer Robyn Welling at suggests bringing kid craft sets. “For once, someone else will have to vacuum up all that glitter!” she quips. Jokes aside, crafts can keep them preoccupied for quite some time.

Brain games

Older kids may enjoy the challenge of brain-teasers like crosswords, mazes, look-and-find, code-breaking and so on. You can find buy brain teaser books for young minds, or print free stuff from the Internet. Be careful not to pick ones that may be too challenging for your kids.


Keep a basket or bin full of toys in your office. Reserve these toys so your kids do not get to play with them at other times. That should help keep their interest longer. Choose toys that do not make sounds, lights or music to minimize distractions.


Remember to take breaks and check on your kids. Involving yourself in their activities helps you keep track of what they do, and lets you spend quality time with them, even for only a few minutes at a time. And finally, when it is time to go, encourage the little ones to tidy up! After all, your office is always neat and tidy, right?

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