Support HB2462 AZ label GMO

Can AZ say no to GMO? #HB2462 #LabelGMO

Support HB2462 AZ label GMO
HB2462 would require GMOs to be labeled.

Yes! More states are taking action against Monsanto and other companies who believe they should be able to create items but not tell us when we consume them! Yes, we’re talking GMOs! Arizona representatives have introduced HB2462 which would require GMOs to be labeled.

What is AZ#HB2462

This bill, introduced by Mendez, Clark, Steele, Andrade, Espinoza & Gabaldón would also prohibit the use of the word “natural” to describe food produced from genetic engineering.

Even if you aren’t against consuming GMOs, you can still support the right of the people (basic liberty) to have the choice to consume or not to consume GMOs. Even if you believe GMOs are good for you, you can still support the rights of individuals to choose to consume or not to consume items made from genetically modified organisms.

AZ GMO bill HB2462
Support Arizona HB2462. VIsit for more state’s initiatives.


The idea isn’t to ban GMOs, but the idea is that the public should be able to know if an item contains GMO. Help label GMO in AZ!

How can you support the idea to label GMO in AZ?

  • Contact your legislator and let them know you support HB2462
    • Locate your representatives here.
      • Send an email to your represenatives
      • Call your representative’s office and say: I ask my representative (NAME) to support HB2462. As a parent/consumer/resident, I feel I have the right to know what I am consuming. I also believe companies and farmers should label items properly. If a company is proud of what they’ve developed, shouldn’t they let people know?
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  • Email a thank you to the representatives who introduced the bill

Link to the Bill HB 2462 here.

If passed, companies would have until June 30, 2016 to comply with GMO labeling requirements under AZ #HB2462.

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  1. I have noticed some food companies are placing labels on their products on their own because they know consumers want to know. I would like to see it mandated in all the states. Then all companies will do it.

    1. It is nice to see teachers letting kids to learn about foods, especially if they can explore and really learn to think. Obviously a lot of what we know (about many things!) is based on marketing.

  2. I am so thankful for the growing movement against GMOs! I am convinced that they were a major contributing factor for our son’s eczema. Ever since we switched to organics for certain products with ingredients known to have a high probability of being GM, we’ve seen even greater improvement with his skin than we had after making some other changes. GMOs need to be STOPPED!!

  3. I have to say a few GMOs aren’t so bad, like the strawberries that are modified to have resistance to cold weather. But it would be nice to know what’s in your food.

    1. That’s true – there may be some benefits to GMOs (I”m still not for them). BUT, the big thing is that people should have the right and an easy way to KNOW if they’re consuming GMOs.

  4. I can’t imagine why anyone would be against labeling foods properly. There should be a federal law prohibiting GMOs from calling themselves anything other than what they are – bad for you!

  5. I don’t see why any person would want to stop this from happening. The big companies that are putting the GMOs in their products need to get their stuff together. GMOs make me feel like poo and I need to know if they’re in the product!

  6. It’s nice that you offered a sample of what one might say. I’m sure that’s helpful for those who might want to help, but don’t know how to phrase it!


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