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Capable and creative Kids with The Missing Alphabet


As a parent we have a lot of influence over our children and while we cannot (and likely should not) attempt to control everything they do, what we present our children with impacts what they can and will do. The book, “The Missing Alphabet” is one that helps parents see a new way to think of what our children “need” to know. We teach them the alphabet and their numbers but what about the sensory alphabet the book discusses?

Creative Thinking Missing Alphabet

Creative Thinking opportunities with engaging the mind – this with basic “Beading” but it can be multiple things – sounds, textures, etc

We are in a fast-moving, competitive age. Children are learning things younger and are capable as always. When we engage children, they learn more. This book is a practical guide that gives real life examples in how to help our children with that missing alphabet of social-emotional being/learning/thinking.

As an attached parent of a preschooler and a toddler, I’m looking for ways to help them explore and learn and also for me to be reassured that I’m not being indulgent. Having such things as textures and 3D items (not tv!!!) that are ways for children to act/be/live are important. This book was reassuring and extremely practical. It reads like a guide with space for your notes. This book is about teaching/learning and being as parents and giving our kids the ability to succeed through creative thinking.

Buy it below:

Disclosure: I was given a copy of this book for review but this does not impact my onion of the book and I only recommend items I feel would be good for my readers. Posts often contain affiliate links to keep this blog going.

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Attached Moms main writer, Amanda, is a full-time mom transitioning from her full-time work life. She's mom to V who just turned 6, and 4 year old R. With an inter-cultural relationship, she's attempting to navigate parenting, using her heart, not just her 'book' knowledge. She's earned a BS in Social Sciences, BA in technical communications and has three master's degrees: business, education and psychology. From Michigan originally, she currently resides in the Mumbai, India vicinity.

5 Comments on "Capable and creative Kids with The Missing Alphabet"

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  1. Jack Jalkanen says:

    I am so proud of you

  2. Susie Monday says:

    Thanks for this review! We just found it. As author/teachers we hope that parents will be empowered to teach their children this “third” essential alphabet!

  3. Babies learn through touching and tasting. As they grow older touching is still so very important. Great Review!

  4. Mom Blog says:

    This sounds like a great book. It is definitely something that parents should add to their reading list.

    Bobbie Anne

  5. Robyn R says:

    Sounds like great info in the book. I agree that turning off electronics and doing some ‘play to learn’ is a wonderful thing.


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