Cloth Diapering in India – The difficulties


Many probably think this is an odd post – but really, modern cloth diapering is just catching on in India. Traditionally, elimination communication is used in India, but disposable diapers are all the rage in India.

modern cloth diapers

Cloth Diapering Support in India

Yes, there’s a need for support of cloth diapering in India. There are online facebook groups for CD support, as well as a few natural-minded communities that are active on Whatsapp and in person. Networking can make modern cloth diapering work well in India.

Popular Cloth Diaper Brands in India

The easiest way to cloth diaper in India is using Langoat, which are usually double layer cotton with a thicker pad sewn in. These traditionally are not water proof, but rubber pants or plastic covers are sometimes used. However, luckily for baby’s bottoms, it is still pretty common for families to give babies diaper free time at home. Afterall, most homes do not have carpet to carpet flooring, which makes clean up easier. Also, middle class families often have someone at home to help with clean up.

Surprisingly, “Indian prefolds” aren’t as readily available in India!

Where to buy modern cloth diapers in India

There are a few companies which now make cloth diapers in India, but most cloth diapers in India are imported.

  • Buy Amazon Cloth Diapers – mostly imported, but traditional style available.
  • Angel in a Crib – appear to be imported
  • Baby Oye – Variety of brands, imported.
  • Cloth Diapershop – appear to be chinese imported
  • Cloth Diaper Online India (no idea if they work outside of whatsapp, but here is their FB page). Chinese imported.
  • EcoTush Diapers (fitteds, hand made in India)
  • Easy Feel Babies (appear to be Imported Lovely Baby diapers) – Email
  • Firstcry – Variety of brands, imported.
  • Kalp Creations (Indian made, langot style)
  • Naya Cloth Diapers – Appear to be AnanBaby diapers from China.
  • Peekaboo Cloth Diapers– Pocket style, imported from China
  • Superbottoms Appears to be their own (or at least they use their own photographs, and not stock photographs) Carry Pocket diapers, as well as covers with double gussets
  • Smart Baby – Has Cotton babies diapers (Bumgenius, Econobum etc)

Alva and Sunbaby are also available world-wide, these are Chinese made, direct to seller (and resellers). Many people order them in the US due to inexpensive cost and “free” shipping. The same is available in India. With fewer options, I hesitate to discuss on this post the reasons I oppose these cheap cloth diapers. But, it is better than the alternative of disposable diapers.

India’s newest leadership is looking to help inspire a cleaner India with Swachh Bharat. One way to do this is by having less trash entering the system. The fact that the Indian trash system leaves a lot to be desired, means that disposable diapers often do notmake it to a landfill. Instead, many hands touch the trash, including children who sift through trash looking for recyclable items. This is a huge public health risk! Do your part, consider changing to cloth diapers.

Note: This is a partial list of Diaper options, if you know of more brands, or if any of the above information is incorrect, comment or contact me so I can make an update!

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  1. I love the idea of keeping babies diaper free at home to be honest…it would lead to a lot less diaper rashes 😉 of course, the mess may be interesting, but they can be taught to “go” in a certain spot…

  2. I know that Green Mountain Prefolds are made in Pakistan and they are amazing!! I believe their workhorse diapers are too, I wonder if they would be easily shipped to India?

  3. Amanda,

    Nice compilation!

    Personally I have used super bottoms diaper and its just so good.

    Am happy that they have been using their own snaps :)

  4. Yeah.. cloth fiapers are amazing.
    My son’s skin is super sensitive and i don’t wanted to use disposable diapers. Then i came to the world of cloth diapers. I used many brands but i only trust Comfort Cloth Diaper. Oh my god.. tgey sell so… cheap.. n.. they give bamboo inserts.. highly absorbent. I have now tension free nights.

  5. Hi Amanda

    Handmade cloth diaper vendors in India: (Some of these vendors sell imported CDs along with their own handmades)

    1. Superbottoms-
    2. Bumpadum-
    3. Lalu Baby-
    4. Cloth Diaper Shop (CDS) India-
    5. Tushions-
    6. EcoTush-
    7. Cuddly Cloth Diaper-
    8. BumChum (not sure if handmade) –
    9. Naya Cloth diapers (not sure if handmade) –
    10. Bumberry (not sure if handmade) –
    11. Juskindding-

    Importers of Cloth diapers in India:

    1. Chic Bum (Retailer of international brands)-
    2. Chuddy Buddy-
    3. Eco Green-
    4. Beetle Diapers-
    5. Tyche Baby-
    6. Peekaboo-
    7. First Cry-
    8. Happy Bottoms-
    9. Cuddle Care-
    10. Allboutbaby-

    Hope this helps other Indian CD Mommas!

    Disclosure: Have not personally tried purchasing from any of the above sites. Please be discerning & do your own research before purchasing.


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