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Cloth diaper brands and types – the options are endless. Really! When it comes to popular brands, things come and go, but a few have remained top brands (Goodmama and Cotton Babies Bum Genius).

My cloth diaper stash

I mean my daughter’s cloth diaper stash. Ahem. :) Any cloth diaper addict will know how hard it is to distinguish between their child’s diapers and mommy’s little addiction to luxurious fibers.

Designer fabric for Goodmama or custom cloth diapers… it can be addicting, but cloth diapers can save money. Really, it can. If you buy on a budget, resell when you no longer use it, or if you can’t bring yourself to take it out of the package!



Last week, while my mom was here, I had some extra time since I had a few extra hands to keep V happy and occupied. I did not, however, get more cleaning done. Oops. I did get to organize our diaper stash and take some photos though!

Bum Genius, PB&E; Flats
more GOodmamas
Made with Love
Piddle Poddles
Baby legs (and the like).,..

When it comes to choosing a cloth diaper, you’ll need to know:

  • budget (cost can be from nearly free if you upcycle to $40+ each!)
  • what sort of wash routine you can handle (read this link on water use and cloth diapers)
  • what fibers you prefer
  • if you want to make your own

Learn more about cloth diapers from a few of my other posts on the topic, or ask questions.

My personal favorite for buying cloth diapers is MMB. (#affiliate). In the end, cloth can save you time, money and energy, especially if you enjoy cloth diapering. Yes, cloth diapering can honestly be addicting.

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