Coming up with some veg options for after school snacks


As many of you know, I’m raising a vegetarian. At age 3 my daughter said she didn’t want animals to get “ouchies” and began rejecting meat. Well, now she’s 8 and is now preferring to avoid egg as well. So, as we go along, I’m looking for options outside of our typical “Indian Veg” options. I do love to cook, but sometimes, you just want to eat raw cookie dough and veg. No pun intended.

Vegan Food options

Luckily veg foods are a lot more popular than when I was a vegetarian from 1995-2000 or so. With a vegetarian husband and daughter, I’m pretty lucky! Knowing how to cook is part of it, but the other part is that convenience foods are becoming more common.

Back to the raw cookie dough, while not the healthiest of after school snacks, my son does like cookies after school sometimes (media tells him warm cookies and milk are best after school!)  Well, if you told me you like raw cookie dough, I’d tell you that it is okay. Thanks Hamptoncreek! Yep, those cookies in the instagram below are vegan! Safe for raw cookie dough eating because there are no eggs! Awesome, right?


It’s not over yet. #Summer #JustCookies

A photo posted by Hampton Creek (@hamptoncreek) on

So additional vegetarian after school snacks can be the following:

  • nuts
  • nut butters with vegetables (hello, ants on a log!)
  • fruit
  • hummus and carrot sticks (or vegetarian breads)
  • salsa and chips

What about you? What do you do for an after school snack?

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