Day off school is like a train-wreck of a date sometimes


What to do on a day off school?

Parenting is like a good date gone bad sometimes.

– Imagine double dating. For a triple date – bring a wing man.

I can’t be the only one who looks at the calendar and sees the a three-day weekend and thinks, “Hmm, we need to find something to fill in the day.” Whether the reason is because you are seeking ways to stimulate your child’s brain or if it is because you seriously realize that drinking before noon isn’t the way you should start your weekend, it doesn’t matter. The fact is planning often takes place.


days off school
Crazed perhaps? Double date time on a day off school. Over planning means disaster! Keep it simple stupid!

Like a date, you start to think of some great places to visit and imagine your children enjoying themselves and then feeling so great that they thank you profusely for planning such a fun day.


Except it doesn’t happen that way. That was my day.


Today was one of many four day school-weeks that we have in India (due to multitude of holidays usually, but today we had parent-teacher interaction day). Since I don’t have a nanny I prepped the kids before-hand to let them know that we had to go the school for a bit even though it was an “off day” and then afterward we would head to the mall they like and they could go and play at the play place.


To me that sounded like an awesome day in my “i’m not a kid anymore, but I’ll pretend to know what they’ll like to do anyway.” Yep, on dates we probably do the same. We think, hey let’s go to see the new Action Flick because “hey” that’s what people do. Well, sometimes people like the movie but perhaps hate the actors. In my case it was like going to an empty theatre. Sure the movie is there, but movies are sometimes more enjoyable when you have the crowd around you, helping you feel that joy. Yep, my kids were the only ones playing.

Afterward they saw the game area and I agreed to go since I had a little bit on the card. Like a date seeing a sweet ice cream place after dinner, I thought, this will definitely score me some bonus points in their book. Sure they enjoyed the ice cream, I mean games, but guess what… it wasn’t enough. It was enough for them to scream

MORE and heck, while you’re at it, let’s go for maybe, hmm… yes. I’ll have Cheese Cake Factory


after I already spent money for lobster! How could my date want that? Ugh. Okay, well in this case they wanted the most expensive rides and I was out of the cash I had planned on spending that day. That meant a three year old running in one direction while a five year old decided to play a game that was too tall for her in the opposite direction. What’s this you say? Oh yes, overstimulation perhaps? Since it was almost 2 pm I figured they had to be hungry. So while this doesn’t fit the date exactly, let’s just say in a date this is saying “hey, let’s go grab a drink.”

Think it’ll calm ’em down. I guess I was dating a practicing Mormon. No food there would do. Okay then, I thought, let’s just head home and grab something to eat because, for us, we had Marathi class to still look forward to! Nope, flashing lights were still stirring their minds. Luckily I had a sling with me so I had five year old stand with my bag while I fern-angled screaming three year old into the sling. Off we went.


So after a calming ride in a rickshaw it was hunger time. In date-world perhaps this is the person saying, “Okay I’ll stop for a Shirley Temple.” So for us that was Subway. Kids were happy and I picked up a bribe cookie because, guess what – my kids are not fans of sitting in desks. So a cookie it was. Off to Marathi class with a promise of park play afterward.


So after the night cap of a Shirley temple, you take your date to a business meeting, there’s a promise of a bit of fun after, right? Maybe the batting cage? Everyone loves that. That or mini-golf. Great way to end the day and guarantee a second date.


Let’s just hope it doesn’t rain on the parade.


Which it did. Of course.
After a bit of rain it cleared enough for still some fun. Well date doesn’t end well when a bunch of dogs come sniffing around. So you say, hey, “let’s stay over here for a bit until those others leave, then we can have more fun.”


Well if your fun isn’t as fun when you can’t run around, things just go bad to worse. Some how you end up with your date running off with no shoes. Plopping past dog poop and running toward a road, screaming for just more fun, more play! When did I start dating that craze-infused streaker you ask yourself?


So it is time to head back and you think. Wow. Maybe dating isn’t so much fun after all. Low key is the way to be. Take their lead. Don’t over schedule the date. Avoid something over stimulating and ask “what would you like to do” rather than taking the whole date over.


Moral of the story? I’m not quite sure, but I know that double dates suck when the two datees aren’t interested in the same things!

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  1. add:

    Group dates are out as the two other mom friends within a driveable distance have kids who are in school in the afternoons or are working. Phooey.

  2. So…you’re saying that I should cross drinking before noon of my to-do list? I’m prone to overscheduling things, but I’ve really been making an effort to be more low key. Guess we’ll see how it goes!

  3. Overstimulating days are he worst! My toddlers turn into psycho demons if they are involved in too much…so I have been trying hard not to cram too much into one day.


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