no make up mama

Dear Moms: Let your daughters and sons see you without makeup


Dear Moms,

Take a minute to breathe and relax. We live in an era of selfies and groupies and pinterest-worthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners. We know the struggle there to keep up with the Jones and the pinterest all-stars. We all know we can’t really do it all. But, whether you’re a work at home, stay at home, corporate exec, or just a mom who doesn’t prefer the added titles, I know you’re with me when sometimes you want to just say:

I can’t ever measure up to all of it.

I may not make a cake that’s pinterest-worthy. I may pick up the rest of the halloween costume from Goodwill and my singing ability will never make me a viral mom singing to Let it Go or whatever the next Disney hit will be.

But, what we can do is let or children see that we’re human.

Let our kids see us being okay without makeup.

Post a photo of you that isn’t flattering.

When our daughters see us without make up, they’ll know that they don’t have to look perfect to be their best selves.

When our sons see us without make up, they’ll know that beauty lies within each of us and not in a palette from Sephora.

mom without make up
Let your kids see you go without make up. Let them know you can’t do it all. Then maybe the desire to out do the next mother will fade away; allowing you to be your best self.

Let your kids see your unfiltered life. 

Go to the grocery store AND then to the doctor’s office in your stretchy pants and no makeup. And, then don’t complain. Don’t make excuses. Because really, do you need to make excuses for your life?

You don’t have excuses: You have reasons. And you don’t have to explain it to anyone.

We all hold our inner guilts. We all have times when we say FUCK IT. We all have time when we don’t care if it is 5 o’clock somewhere or that it isn’t wine Wednesday. We all have those days. We all have a life.

Once we all can accept that we all have our own faults, maybe then we’ll be less likely to judge others. We can all be a bit less stressed and we’ll all feel a bit better about ourselves: Giving us the ability to build each other up, rather than tearing each other down.

We may not understand each other, but we can respect each other. We may not be on the same journey, we may not even cross paths, but we are all on A journey. Let us at least respect that.

no make up mama
Can you go without make up today? Can you let your child see your life, unfiltered?

So moms out there. Take a moment. Look in the mirror. Say, I am enough for my family and believe it.

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  1. I very seldom wear makeup! The only time I really put it on is if I”m going to the mall or out to dinner. Otherwise chap stick is about it :)

  2. I do wear make-up daily when I go out, but I won’t wear it around the house. They’ve seen me plenty of time w/o it. Not sure they even notice the difference! lol

  3. what a beautiful post! I too am shocked at the amount of make-up tweens and teens wear. some cosmetics company also have a line specifically targeting this age or market. it’s a pity to their confidence. natural looking is always best.

    1. Very true. How can we instill confidence in young girls and then teens without allowing them to feel good in their “bare” skin?

  4. This is a great post. I have always shocked my boys when I would dress nice and put make-up on. They were mostly used to seeing me with just sweats on and no make-up. This is a great point and it can change how our kids see others. Thanks for sharing.

  5. It’s a rare occasion that my kids see me with make up–I HAVE gone to the doctors & grocery store in my PJ’s–My kids have always been taught to find the good in everyone…it’s there sometimes you just have to dig. I strongly believe if you treat other kindly it’s going to come back to you the same.

  6. What a wonderfully empowering post! Thank you! I go without makeup everyday! It’s funny because I never understood what all the fuss was about when I was a kid! 😉

  7. I love this message. It’s so timely and important. I was self-conscious of my arms being flabby at one point and kept re-doing photos to get my arms to look right and then I finally learned to forsake that because it was such a wrong message to my daughter, who was taking the photo! I am sharing!

  8. This is a great message to share. We need to teach our children that they are beautiful just as they are. That starts with showing them that we’re comfortable with OURSELVES.

  9. I’m a beauty blogger and makeup to me enhances your already beautiful features. I honestly wear no makeup a lot as well, we are ALL beautiful inside and out :)

  10. When I worked outside of the home I wore makeup every day. Now that I’m home, I only wear it when we’re going out. My husband and kiddos are plenty acquainted with my natural look. :)

  11. Such a great post for something important about life! I try to make sure my daughter sees me at my best and my worst, which is still great to her :)

  12. I go without makeup often and I get outside with my son, I play sports with him, we dance in the rain, we have fun. They know that mommy gets made up, but I’m still mommy and I’m still real.

  13. I have written two posts on a very similar topic. One is titled Mommy Guilt 101 and the other is Stop the Mommy Wars. I think you would enjoy them. I would love if you would stop by and check them out. I love this post! My kids see me fail, without make up, and in a not so freat mood. I actually explain to them that we all have our weaknesses and strengths. :)

  14. I live without makeup 99 percent of the time. :) I love your article just hits home. My daughter is only 9 and isn’t allowed to wear makeup yet.

  15. Awesome post! I love makeup and wear it every day, but I’m just fine with my daughter seeing me without it. I find it super interesting that my sweet little girl always tells me I’m beautiful when I’ve just showered and have no makeup and my hair is wet. I love how children see beauty in their mama’s face.

  16. I’m horribly sensitive to almost every makeup, including hypo allergenic, so other than using a little blush, people have seen me without eyeliner, mascara, boo hoo, you get used to it. One thing comparable, I used to do, is wear heels, and I mean I would not walk out the door to get the mail without heels on – not so much b/c I’m into heels, but I’m short. Then I fractured my foot wearing them, and I started wearing flats. I started getting accustomed to going out and looking eyeball to people’s chest, but started not caring, and just being grateful for being somewhat healthy. It took my foot years to get better, and never the same, it also impacts my knee, and is a constant reminder! Be yourself, you don’t need to walk thru life with raccoon eyes or a deck of cards in your shoes to be worthy, and worthy of acceptance!

  17. excatly who are we trying to impress strangers??i can care less if i go out looking like a mess i ma happy with who i am and i do the same with my kids cause to me inside beauty is more important than outside beauty

  18. Thank You so much for this post! This had been a huge elephant in the room when I was younger and wore makeup that my children were not at all interested in seeing me with it. I had not understood what my very own children were telling me, instead of me teaching them! Sad to say this but what they wanted was a mom w/o any “filters” and once I had gotten older and wore less and less, but still subtle and more “calmer” makeup, they said I looked “prettier” than before…

  19. I recently started working out and as a result, stopped wearing makeup because it would just melt off of my face. I always feel comfortable around my children with no makeup, so that’s a plus. I also want them to see that I’m taking care of my body by exercising and watching what I eat.

  20. I hardly ever wear makeup and a few years ago I had a male roommate that said, you should wear makeup everyday because you look dead & plain and you should do it to feel better about yourself, you face is not bright without makeup. And his sister didn’t ever wear any. I will never understand some people.

  21. This was great! It is important to let kids know that beauty comes from within and that it is ok to be yourself.

  22. Terrific post and my oldest girls are 13 and do not wear makeup. They tell me all their friends at school do but they like to be natural. I believe natural is beautiful. Their mom barely ever wore makeup either so I say just let your beauty shine through.

  23. Yes, this! Feel comfortable in your own skin… just how God made you! And that helps your kids to see that they are enough, too!

  24. I love this post. I think it’s incredibly important to show our children our imperfections and teach them that we should love ourselves regardless. This allows them to learn that being human doesn’t mean being perfect, but having good days and bad days. At the end of the day, it’s the love we send out into the world that matters, not the flattering images.

  25. Great article! I admit I wear makeup almost everyday and a lot of days my young daughter watches me put it on. I tell her constantly that shes doesn’t need makeup, no one needs makeup…mommy only puts it on because she likes to.

  26. This is very important… So many women wear makeup all the time morning noon and night out in piblic or in their own home and their children never really know what they look like. These children all feel beauty is the only thing that matters…I never wear makeup in the home with my grandchildren they know what I really look like…

  27. I am not a parent, but I think this is so important for young girls. We live in a world where we ladies feel worthless if we aren’t what society deems as hot and beautiful. Women weren’t born with makeup on, it’s okay to be honest about your face and who God created you to be. :)

  28. OMG, LOVE IT! I wish so many people would do this! We seem to be stuck in photo shop & I even see friends doing that with the kids pic’s.

  29. excellent post. i work with kids and adolescence and the ones with moms who focus on their looks too much have major self esteem issues.

  30. My son see’s me without makeup a lot. Because im too lazy to put it on all the time haha But this is very important, and i’m glad that you brought it up

  31. I use makeup to cover a pimple more then any thing else, only if I have to go out. I feel better when I’m not wearing makeup.

  32. I have found that taking better care of my skin as made me more comfortable without makeup. I used to use makeup to cover up things I didn’t like (redness, breakouts, dry skin) but once I started treating those things I discovered that the no makeup look is great!

  33. Very well said! Telling your kids you’re sorry when you make a mistake is also a great example to set. :)

  34. It is important to teach kids to be comfortable and confident with how they look. I respect moms who encourage good body image for their kids.

  35. Yes, womens without makeup are much more beautiful. I’m men and for me womens without makeup looks natural what makes them so pretty. I LOVE IT

  36. I love this so much. We need to show today’s kids that we are perfect the way we are! They need to know that society has a skewed view of the world and that they are lovely in their own ways!

  37. This post reflect the importance of kids building their self confidence, self-efficacy, and resilience. It was a great post. I loved the message.

  38. I love this post. It is so true. We should be teaching our children to love and accept themselves just as they are, human. No one has cornered the market of perfect and never will.

  39. I only wear make up when I leave my house. Home is a place where everyone gets to feel beautiful even on their “ugly” days.

  40. I don”t wear makeup every day, so even my pets know when I’m going out! *LOL* Moms are real, not superheroes and they don’t wear makeup twenty-four seven! Good post!!

  41. I think there is a time and place for make up. It isn’t always. Your own kids should be used to seeing with and without make up. I don’t see it being any problem.


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