Design Tips For Small Bedrooms


If you have a small bedroom, coming up with great design ideas can be a challenge. You don’t want to make the room feel cramped or dark and dreary, so it feels smaller than it is already. Take a look at some small bedroom design tips that will keep your bedroom light and airy.


small bedroom design tips
Using a textural headboard can help give character to your bedroom, without overwhelming the space and making it feel cramped. Some times having design tips for your small bedroom can help open it up.

All bedrooms need a comfortable bed and adequate storage, but a small bedroom may present limitations. The bed will be the most dominant feature in your room, so choose a comfortable size that fits well in the space. In a small bedroom, a king size bed may be too large, so you may have to settle on a queen or full size mattress. To make the room feel lighter and more open, hang art or fabric behind the bed instead of a heavy headboard. You can also utilize a bed that either has storage underneath or even built in. Choose furniture that’s small in scale and light in color so that it doesn’t seem too bulky or overwhleming.  Wicker bedroom furniture from Wicker Paradise is a great option because it’s light in scale and color and comes with beautiful details that will give your bedroom unique style.

Design and Color

When choosing a paint color for your walls, keep this design tip in mind – light colors reflect light and dark colors absorb light. Light colors will reflect natural light from windows, as well as room lighting from fixtures and bounce it around the room making the room feel larger. Dark colors will absorb all light sources and make the room feel darker and smaller. In a small bedroom, it’s best to keep paint colors on walls a light shade. If you want a pop of bold color like navy, emerald or chocolate, choose one accent wall, perhaps behind the bed, or use stronger colors in bedding or accessories. Keep the ceiling white for maximum light reflection and visual height.

Using Fabrics in a Small Room

There are thousands of beautiful fabrics to choose from for bedding and window treatments, but in a small bedroom you should keep patterns small. Large, bold patterns will dominate any room, and in a small room they will feel overwhelming. Opt for smaller prints and patterns for bedding and draperies that will keep your bedroom feeling open and airy. For your windows, consider shades instead of full-length draperies for a lighter look. Woven shades offer a lightweight look, and more open weaves provide some natural light. For a more elegant or formal look, you can add drapery panels to each side of the shade.


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