Detroit Kid City – Naturally Fun for kids in SE Michigan!


When we first made our way back into Michigan, I knew there had to be some great places for kids. But, honestly, with my kids no longer being toddler and babies, we knew we had to find places that would also be fun for the bigger littles. We of course, as mentioned earlier, LOVED the Rainbow Showroom, Kids Gotta Play, but for fun imaginative play, do check out Detroit Kid City.

Detroit Kid City

About: My review of Detroit Kid City is that it is more than worth while. Even though we drove 20 miles to get there, it was easy to find off of 696.

detroit kid city rocks
Fun at Detroit Kid city. Plenty of “Michigan” through out the place. The kids had no problem filling in 4 hours there, and could have lasted longer.

They offer organic coffee and smoothies (called Yoopers, gotta love it) and plenty of natural options for fun and filling the belly, including getting a shot of wheat grass in your drink. They also have

They have a variety of areas for kids to explore and pretend to be “big,” including:

  1. Automotive Factory (this is Detroit area afterall!)
  2. Bank (kids can count money and if you have a few kids they can do their work and “get” money to spend at the other areas)
  3. Barber Shop (with reclining chairs!)
  4. Post Office (and delivery boxes that are numbered, so kids who are older can deliver to the “right” boxes).
  5. Pizzeria (definitely a kids favorite and a Michigan “Jets” brand)
  6. Music Studio (mini guitars and drums!)
  7. Garden areas (pick “fresh” fruits and vegetables from the garden and then purchase them at the store!)
  8. Art Center (a coloring craft with “bingo dotters” so definitely for the younger crowd)
  9. School House (with a blackboard and a bit “dark” (think Little House on the Prairie) that my son thought was the jail… you have to laugh!)
  10. Up North Story Time Center (there they have soft play area, a teepee and garden in the (real) sun!). They had story time at 11 when we were there.

They have some cute eating areas, and the play area has a soft area for infants as well. The benches turn into picnic tables, which I thought was pretty awesome (so functional!) Many of the items the kids play with are available for purchase. Most everything is upscale, natural brands, so be aware of that since it is right at the exit. They have cute, Detroit Kid City stickers available at the exit if you need that to encourage kids out the door at the end of your visit (which we did use!)

Location: 29115 Greenfield Rd, Southfield, MI 48076, which is just up from 12 mile road, so easy to access as well.


  • 9 am to 3 pm, Monday through Saturday.
  • Sunday – closed except for private parties

Price: $10 per kid, but parents are free when you purchase a drink (I did see some moms come in and not by a drink but the dads there all did!). Families can do a monthly membership for $100, and includes up to 5 kids. If you’re nearby, that isn’t too bad for getting through winter!

Overall, I felt Detroit Kid City worth the $30 or so we spent that day (plus gas). The kids have asked to go back again and again since then. In fact, the next morning my son had already asked to go back! If you go more than once a week and have more than 1 kid, the monthly price is more worth while, but obviously $100 a month isn’t in everyone’s budget, so it is good for even a one-off fun day.




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  1. Finding places for kids to be able to enjoy themselves and be safe – can be a hard feat these days. It’s nice to see there’s something like this for you to take your kids.

  2. That does sound like a fun and interesting way to spend the day with your children. Those really are some different and imaginative “games”


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