Downsizing to a functional and fun kid’s room


With our transition from the US to India, it meant downsizing. However, I had a hard time downsizing the kid’s stuff. While we did sell off enough toys to make a few kids extremely happy (as well as some furniture), we still have a lot of kid’s stuff. The fact is in Phoenix, we had a large formal/living dining room that we used as a kid’s area. We need a run kid’s room but also we are limited to space.

In Phoenix, my daughter had a bedroom. When she turned three, she transitioned into her own bed. My son didn’t really have a room as he slept in our room and his “room” was used by our au pair. Now we don’t have a play room and the kids are sharing a room. We also do not have a closet either so dressers will have to do. But – then we went from a dresser and large closet to well… one dresser to share for the kids. Thus we knew that we needed to find sleep area that was also functional and well organized. See this old post to see a larger view of our previous play room.

We needed a Fun Kid’s Room

Our kid’s play room had a variety of areas. I wanted toys to be accessible and in a layout that was practical.  While it wasn’t always cleaned up daily – I was a bit particular about putting things away RIGHT. Sure enough one random ball from a pounding ball toy showed up when we moved. So glad my husband didn’t convince me to throw it away :)


practical functional kids area - music toys
The old music area. We have the musical toys still but I have yet to unearth them!
Ride on toy
On our long hallway we kept a line up of ride on toys. This was taken with my daughter’s camera – lovely resolution :)

Anyway here is our kid’s room. Boy/girl sharing a room in India is common. And honestly we co-sleep mostly anyway.

kid's room - fun and functional
Here is the kid’s room from the door way. It has a bunk bed on top and a pull out bed underneath.
practical and functional bunk bed
My son in his new bed. We decided on bunk beds that had storage. I really wanted one with a slide but couldn’t find anyone to make one here and the cost of a real cedar one from Europe or US was way out of our price range.
functional bunk bed india
The bed also has a study area that has a pull out desk. Very functional with drawers
Inside the study we have some books paper and knick-knacks. Note the absorbing stuff on the left :)
Inside the study we have some books paper and knick-knacks. Note the absorbing stuff on the left :)
inside the cabinet
Inside the cabinet we have some games and stuffed animals. Montessori would have them all open and accessible but we don’t have room for it and this allows us to use some absorbing chemical stuff to keep our games from morphing and or molding due to the monsoon
pull out bunk bed
So we had a bit of an issue. US twin beds are 39” wide. A friend had given us a twin mattress and so we brought that along. Unfortunately twin beds in India are 36” wide. So we have a roll out mattress (called a gauri) here instead. It also allows for the limit of 2” depth.
2013-07-07 16.32.17
Under the gauri I made dual purpose. Since the gauri rolls up (yes this one is one we inherited) and some stick on play roads I brought from the US go underneath to make more functional and fun area in their room.
2013-07-07 16.32.41
We picke d up a few “holders” at Ikea and use them for storing play things
2013-07-07 16.32.56
The steps have storage as well.
2013-07-07 16.33.10
A few more toys and storage areas.
2013-07-07 16.33.21
Behind the door we have a map of the world and the few dress up dresses that have been unearthed.
2013-07-07 16.33.43
Marathi letters for learning also made it up
2013-07-13 18.05.21
R made some new roads. Found a magic eraser that took most of it up :)

So there’s the kids room. Sorry it took forever to get the photos up!

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    1. Thanks Conner – the kids cannot wait for you to come visit and play in their awesome new room here in India :)

  1. I love their room! That bed is so multifunctional – what an awesome find. My favorite part is the desk that comes out of the bed. I really love that.

    Also, those IKEA hanging storage things have been talking to me for some time now….


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