dry cleaners for catholic wedding dress india

Dry Cleaning the Wedding Dress after 6 years


I’ve been married almost 7 years now. We were first married in Pune, India and then had a blessing back “home” in Michigan 6 months later. Well 6 years after that I finally dropped my stained wedding dress off at the dry cleaners. So, now I wonder, how late is too late for cleaning a wedding dress?

Time to Dry Clean Wedding Dress

Since there wasn’t a dance, drinking and late night happenings, my Indian wedding dress wasn’t in need of dry cleaning.


Here’s what my wedding dress looked like originally (2007)

dancing at wedding reception
Dancing the night away may have contributed to the crazy stain down the front of the dress. Hopefully dry cleaning works!
bride and groom during toast
Early in the evening – so far no stains!

I will find out in a few days if

I’m too late to dry clean my wedding dress or not.

Here is a some-what dark picture. You can see the stains on the front. I’m thinking white russian? Not sure it was a while ago :)


stained wedding dress off to dry cleaners
My wedding dress – off to the cleaners – we shall see if 6+ years is too late for dry cleaning a wedding dress

Oh, benefit of being in India…

INR240 is the bill. That’s just around $4 to dry clean my wedding dress.

I leave you with this:

leaving bride and groom
Did you have your wedding dress professionally dry cleaned?

Did you have your wedding dress dry cleaned? I know others have paid for preservation. Is it worth it? Right now my daughter likes to play dress up in my wedding dress. As for me, I got pregnant the month after the wedding blessing, then breastfed through pregnancy, had another kid … breastfed still… so I’m quite a few pounds away from “wedding dress” size, but once I am, I am not sure it is something I will be wearing any time soon!

I will update next week and let you know if it was too late and too stained to have my dress dry cleaned.

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  1. I haven’t drycleaned my wedding dress still and yes, there is a bit of stain on it now :) I was meaning to do it for the longest time but keeps on postponing it for whatever reason… I must get on with it now.

  2. I didn’t have a wedding. My hubby and I just went to the courthouse. I still maintain that is the best way to get married! 😉 But, I LOVE those gorgeous wedding dresses! And I think it can be a great tradition to pass down the dress to others.

  3. This is the perfect post for me! My husband and I will be married for 7 years this spring and I never had my dress dry cleaned/preserved. At the time money was tight and I’ve just never gotten around to it now (well and money is still tight haha). It’s hanging up in my parent’s closet still.

    It’s just one of those things that I’ve never gotten around to.

  4. I hope the stains come out of your dress. I fear you may have waited a little too long. I never preserved my dress so it yellowed and looks faded. My daughter preserved hers a week after the wedding and I imaging it will be perfect if her daughter wants it for her wedding.

  5. Hahaha there’s really not a set rule for dry cleaning your wedding dress! My aunt washed her dress (on her own) after 3 years of her wedding and it’s seems alright!

  6. The price to clean it is awesome! I wish I could see the pictures but they won’t load for me no matter how many times I refresh.

    Good luck with the cleaning!

  7. My computer is loading slowly so I’m so sad I can’t see the pictures of your dress! I sat in something in my wedding dress and had it cleaned twice to get the stain out. The second time I never even bothered to take it out of the bag to see if the stain came out. I guess that will be a surprise sometime down the road…

  8. I never had a wedding dress :) I know many friend though that have a wedding dress that has ended up turning yellow over the years! There’s got to be a way to keep it from doing that

    1. We were living in the DC metro area when we wed and the cost for cleaning and preservation was $200… I had the dress custom made in india by my sister in law’s tailor for $80 with fabric… so I couldnt justify the cost to preserve it!

  9. Well I will say if you can get your dressed cleaned for $4 that is awesome! I think many people don’t get their dresses cleaned because it costs so much and then they get it sealed so it doesn’t yellow. I look forward to your follow up post. I absolutely love the last picture in your post it is beautiful.

    1. Thanks. Until we moved it was in a plastic shopping bag!

      As for the photo. … we didnt paybfor professional photos. So while we dont have magical blurring and focus… or a picture of the kiss… we have most of the moments captured!

  10. I was married in 08′ and I haven’t had my dress cleaned yet either. It always seems there is something more important to spend our money on, especially those few times we have extra lol. Oh and not positive but I think there may be a red stain from Mexican food, Ooops..

  11. I’m definitely interested to see if it’s too late to have your dress dry cleaned! I, personally, would think so, but I don’t know a whole lot about dry cleaning! I hope it can be dry cleaned, though!


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