i promise to be fab in 2014

#Fabin14 – Jan 4 Update –




We’re 4 complete days into 2014 in India and here’s my #fabin14 update.


I’m still determined to make this year MY year. I can make changes in my life without disrupting my family – and I even though I’ve always known it is up to me, I have decided to live. Really, live. Enjoy my time here – make a change for me and change for others. I figure I’ll also work on my spiritual-well- being as well and have found a church nearby with an English mass.


Now to the good stuff. Quite a few of you have added me on MyfitnessPal and even better a few have made comments and have given me some encouragement. I’m working on not being defensive but knowing and acting are two different things.


So far every day I’ve been under my net-calorie goal and have got some exercise in.

I’m weighing myself but my true weigh-in will be once a week. I weigh myself daily so I can see the difference a good and a bad day immediately and adjust and take note. I know many say not to weigh yourself too often, but in speaking to people who have made life changes with their bodies it has been a matter of really tracking everything. Why track minutes, reps and calories but not see how things are going? I mean, if I do fall off one day, I know for a fact that number will go up. I know this because that was November and then a melancholy December. I didn’t weigh myself for a few weeks and then guess what… I was up 7 pounds. It is a whole lot easier to gain those pounds than lose them!

It means being honest and not hiding from the scale! Not weighing yourself doesn’t mean you didn’t gain weight, right? What you don’t know can kill you after all!

So here I am. Baked cookies, had a bit of the dough (no I don’t worry about salmonella) and will keep the cookies for the kids.


So what about you, if you’re on any goals or resolutions for 2014, how are you doing?



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  1. I love myfitnesspal. It really helped me stay motivated and accountable. I really need to get back into the habit of tracking myself through it.

  2. I think weighting yourself regularly is a good way to keep control. But just don’t get too obsessed about it. Sometimes the body bloats with liquid because you have ingested more salt than usually, and it may look like you have gained weight. Of course, this weight comes down the next morning or the morning after.
    Hope you and your family have a terrific 2014!

  3. Didn’t make any resolutions so I am doing just fine–and yes, I do weigh myself every day-not that it always helps-but does remind me not to go too crazy!!

  4. I try to avoid the scale and know I’ve gained weight. I think it is awesome that you are taking charge of your life and determined to live life to the fullest.

  5. I dont have any goals yet, maybe I should sit down and think about some goals I would love to accomplish

  6. Is it possible to make cookies WITHOUT eating the dough? That’s the best part, right? Great job on being accountable to yourself and others. It’s hard to not be defensive but it’s great you own that and are working to be better. Best of luck with your fitness goals this year!

  7. I am also trying to lose weight. I wish us both luck. I am planning on doing weekly weigh in’s too but I am sure I will weigh myself more often than that!

  8. i myself didn’t make any resolutions because i usually don’t keep them. i just try and do better everyday. good luck with yours. and yes everyone eats the raw dough. lol

  9. Congrats for stepping forward in your weight loss plan. Me too, I’m weighing myself everyday now since November. I can see a difference though, it makes me aware of my weight and constantly reminding me to do something and exercise and eat healthy food.

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