First day of squatting


The morning started out fine. I didn’t sleep much – between R waking up again and again (asking for his friend Conner – whether he was in the airplane and if it was sunny time in his home in America :( ) and me worrying about being here illegally) and just being worried, I’m a bit tired today.

We had a newspaper at the door today, so I figured they knew we stayed.

The cleaners came, and did their normal.

Then came the phone calls. First asking me when we planned to check out, and I said Saturday as we we were working on a lease. We need a police clearance to move into a new place and certain documents are required to do this.

Then they called again because that call had been cut, saying that they were told by (company) that we were placed into that other place, you know, the one over the slum, with no kitchen, no clothes washer… that one. I indicated that we had declined that location.

So they called again. Asking for my husband, whose SIM card is having fun today so I said I could relay a message via email but that his phone wasn’t working.

They then told me that they were told again that we were to shift to the other place, that staying until Saturday isn’t possible.

So I emailed my husband just now to call me ASAP. I’m going to go pack what I can just in case, but the guest house person said my husband probably got an email. It did no good but I told the guy on the phone that it wasn’t acceptable, the other place is not suited for families and I’d rather hop a plane back to the US.

This is ridiculous. I asked if there was a company person I could call. He said no but my husband likely knows that we are to leave. I said I’d try to get in touch with him.

So who knows what tonight has in store. I’m pissed. We have a company car so we may be packing up to head tonight. I’m not sure if we are going to the guest house or my inlaws (who are out of town but left a key for us in case this happened) or what.

Oh and a stove/oven from the expat list is likely being taken by someone else. I asked them to let me know if it fell through, so phooey. My son slept all day so I guess that means I’ll be up all night with him again. I should wake him, but I’m not in the mood. ARGHHH.

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  1. I was able to get someone on the phone who does these bookings. I didn’t even say my name and when I said that we were being moved and have young kids, he knew who I was.

    I tried to stay strong and indicate how this wasn’t a good situation, blah blah.

    I even indicated that these HR people obviously, clearly have no background in business because everything happens last minute. I asked if any of these people have an MBA or even worked in a human resources before.

    Then I started crying. He felt sorry but was still jack-ass. He says that we can move to the other place and ask the chef to cook special food for my kids (I indicated not having a kitchen was not possible as my kids aren’t fully indian and are not used to such spicy food so they’ve been sick after eating spicy food).

    So, now to call my husband because this guy is saying that he was told we couldn’t extend longer, though we did indicate that a move package means they accommodate you while you don’t have any of your stuff!

  2. and now we’ve moved out. i’ll post more later, but we took the stuff we need for 5 days and have temporarily moved to my inlaws until we can (hopefully) get into our own place on saturday. we’ll be have no furniture and need to purchase everything from a water filter to a fridge to a stove… but no more moving… assuming we survive.

  3. I’ve been thinking about you all day. Good luck mama!! You’re almost at your permanent place. I hope the rest of the week goes a little more smoothly for you.


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