Five Qualities to Expect from a Reputable Orthodontist’s Practice


Choosing an orthodontist for a child or yourself can be a confusing task. After all, there may be more than a dozen orthodontists working in your area. One way to choose a reputable orthodontist is to evaluate each professional based on the following five qualities.

A Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff

Generally, a receptionist is the first person you encounter after entering an orthodontic practice. You may see and talk to other administrative assistants working at the front desk as well. The staff members in a reputable orthodontist’s office should be friendly and knowledgeable. A trustworthy professional establishes a welcoming atmosphere for patients. The orthodontist in Wexford is an example of a professional who makes all patients feel right at home.

Clean, Well-Organized Exam Rooms

The examination rooms in an orthodontist’s office contain a a lot of supplies. Also, there are various pieces of equipment including lights placed around the patient’s chair. These items should be clean and set up in an organized way. This indicates the concern an orthodontist has for giving patients the best level of care.

A Clean, Inviting Waiting Room

Along with having clean, organized exam rooms, the waiting room in an orthodontist’s office should be neat and inviting. A waiting room with plenty of natural light and a pleasant décor helps patients get into a calm state of mind before going in to see the orthodontist.

Staff Accessibility

This is an important quality to look for in an orthodontic practice. When you call the office to make an appointment or ask the doctor a question, you should receive a prompt response from a staff member.

Follow-Up Care

An orthodontist provides many services such as putting on braces, maintaining braces, performing surgery and providing emergency care. Consequently, many patients require follow-up care. For instance, a child who receives braces gets a follow-up call from the office to ask if there are any issues with the braces. Plus, the professional may ask if the patient has any questions about the special dental care that goes along with having braces. Follow-up phone calls are another sign you’re dealing with a reputable orthodontist.

Finally, these are just five qualities you can use when evaluating an orthodontist. Meeting the person face-to-face can also help you decide if he or she is the right orthodontist for you and your family.

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