FREAK out over the move post, I don’t want to pack for a move

Stuff to get rid of with move
Here is a mound of items I had gathered to get rid of – some is gone due to facebook groups, but it is now lined up down the hall and growing. Rummage sale Friday! WOO!

Okay here is my official “I’m freaking out over this move post.” One of the many I’m sure.

How did I decide to move to India?

Six years ago, I had this romantic idea that living in India would be so much fun. Then, I got pregnant and told my husband I didn’t think I could give birth so far from my family and in a country I didn’t know. I’d need support, yadda, yadda, yadda. Okay well, we put the move to India idea on hold and I gave birth via unnecessary cesarean away from family anyway.


Fast forward a few years and I feel frustrated that my children are not being taught my husband’ mother tongue, Marathi. Insert scorpion stings and I’m like “we’re getting the heck out of dodge,” or, in this case, the desert.


Pack for a move? Me?

Now, we’re like hmm like 48 HOURS (not days!) from our stuff being packed up and I can’t, just can’t get myself to continue packing. I’ve made more than enough goodwill trips over the past few months. I’ve sold and given away a lot of stuff. Yes, stuff. Most of it, I am totally good with not seeing again. But really, this preparing for the pack for a move! CHA! I’m having difficulties. I know I need to organize, and have been slowly doing it, but time isn’t going to hold still for me to get it done right. The worst thing would be to have us short on space in the container and I have to get rid of things I want, but have a bunch of junk that I have no desire to keep at all. But then I have random things I can’t part with but probably should.

Who saves their Wedding RSVPs?
Wedding RSVPs – why have I kept these? I’m moving halfway around the world and I have reorganized but still these have stayed in the keep pile. Sigh.

Like perhaps my wedding RSVPs from 6 years ago? I mean, who keep these things? They’re all nicely in a shoe box, but I will not have a closet much less the 30 plus storage areas I likely have now.


I mean I have been doing great in getting rid of things. We’ve updated carseats (yes my kiddos will be in carseats in India. No they are not easy to find there) to Radians
because they’re much slimmer and have a 10 year life so they’ll last our stay there for sure and both other carseats have new homes with friends (I don’t recommend buying used carseats from someone you do not personally know and trust. Never buy a carseat that is expired or history is unknown!)


We’re changing from two queen beds for the kids (not that they sleep there) to twin bunk beds (to be built). So we’re getting there but then as we’re destashing (like I should be doing now!), we find things like elk horns. That’s my husband with an elk horn he found while doing some winter camping (alone). This was pre-kids so perhaps he needs to keep this so he can remember the days when he could do things that could cause a search crew to need to find him (not that he needed one, but it doesn’t make it safe!).









Okay – I don’t want to pack, but I need to pack and realize what it is I need to be doing and FOCUS.

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One comment

  1. Just keep packing… just keep packing… 😉
    You’re almost at the finish line!
    C’mon… you can do this.
    You’ve rocked it this far!


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