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Fun Zone at Viviana Mall, Thane


Viviana Mall Fun City and more!

It is sometimes difficult to find Fun things to do with kids in Thane. When you’re coming from the west, and you’re used to having options and you have a bit of bias as to what is safe, it definitely can be hard!   But, Viviana Mall in Thane has a great fun zone which is party of the Fun City with a climbing area that beats even some places in the US for sure!

Before moving here, I told my husband I wanted a kid’s play place/zumba studio… well since he’s so supportive, he told me that the likelihood is low and my ideas are ideas and my follow through do not always match. Thanks for the hit to the confidence, honey. Anyway, zumba is around but not good timings for my family, and now there’s a nice kid’s play area.

If you’re in an area with a large multi-story mall, you’ll easily find arcades. Arcades are pretty common at bigger malls (mostly under the TimeZone brand), but Viviana mall has something a bit different and something that appeals to a broader audience and is awesome for young kids too!

Video of kids playing at Viviana Mall Climbing Area – Soft Play – Fun Zone

Things to do at Fun Zone in Thane Viviana Mall:

  • play video games
  • sip coffee (they offer a steamed milk with sprinkles for kids for free with an adult’s coffee/tea purchase)
  • bowl (will try that soon!)
  • let the kids climb
Thane Viviana Mall Fun City climbing area
Fun at a clean place to play in Thane!

Cost to play at Viviana Mall Fun Zone in Thane

The climbing area, is by far, the best and most cost effective play area.


  •  60 minutes is 130 rupees (Monday-Friday)
  • 150 rupees on the weekend and holidays.

No adults allowed and children must be 3-10 years old.

Salient Features:

  • Clean area
  • Safety
  • No shoes allowed.
  • Staff to watch children and take tickets.
  • Leave your mobile number and if an issue arises they will phone you.
  • Generally they have some clean socks for children who arrive without socks.

More things to do at Fun City Viviana Fun Zone

The other activities can get pricey, like any arcade area.

But this is definitely the place to be for fun. At other small mall areas that have games and rides, they are for younger children, and only suit the 1-4 age range. By age 5 most kids have outgrown those areas. Luckily here the climbing area and games are fun, and then the rides are also for children and adults.

Overall, I love this place for my kids and it can help get out that bounding energy they tend to have. While parks are okay here, the kids miss these places to really truly climb and have fun.

Favorite parts of FunZone climbing area/soft play

My son’s favorite part is the fake “water” to jump on (lower left in the collage). They also have a piano that makes music as well as 3 levels of climbing. There is a bounce house, slides and an area that blows air so when you throw the balls they pop back up.

They also have rides, bumper cars, etc – but those tend to be more pricey and do not last as long as the climbing area.

Fun Zone Birthday Parties

Fun Zone also does birthday parties. Both of my kids celebrated there this year. The price is reasonable, but you pay for a minimum of 20 kids. A return gift of a game card is included, with an amount that varies based on the package you select.

The party includes:

  • soft play area
  • food for children
  • party room
  • return gift (credit on a fun zone card)
  • add ons (at an extra cost, costumed mascots, face paint, tattoo artists, magician, etc)

 Have you been to a place like this?

fun zone viviana mall
“Swings” and the like are also found.

The play area is located on the 2nd floor across from the food court (next to the Mothercare and Barbie stores) in Viviana mall, which is located off the Eastern Express Highway, next to Jupiter Hospital, Thane.

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    1. U bet this is the place to get your kids have an amazing weekend…. Although this venue is in Thane a suburb of Mumbai.We would welcome u and ur kids here!

  1. This looks like fun, can adults play too?. .lol I know my son would love this could even be a cool place for a birthday party!

  2. Sounds like that would be a lot of fun with no worries of your little one running out of the park into a parking lot or traffic.

  3. Looks like a really fun place and I’m sure the kids had lots of fun. We’ve gone to a few places like this but not very recently.

  4. There is a fun zone here in Michigan but it’s not located at the mall like this one. great idea to think about for taking the kids too if they’ve been good while shopping.

  5. I’ve been to something similar like this Fun Zone. I’ve never been to the Viviana Mall, but we have something fun like this near us and the kids love it!

  6. This looks like a fun place to take the kids for an afternoon. The play places in the malls where I live are small and geared towards preschoolers.

  7. Wow, this place looks really great! Back up in upstate NY there’s a place called Bouncy Bounce in the mall and it is phenomenal. Same concept and kids and parents love it.

  8. What a great place to take your kids especially if the weather is bad outside. I guess they could entertain themselves for hours there.

  9. What a great and safe place for kids to work off some of that pent up energy they always seem to have! Glad they have coffee for the adults while they sit there and watch the kids have a blast!

  10. This looks like a great place to take the kids and hang out for a while… I see that it’s in India? That’s terrific! Love the photos too. :-)

  11. My kids have always loved climbing zones! Great to see this in a place that little kids frequent so they can run all of that extra energy off!


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