Gender bias in school assignments

Gender bias, roles, culture and I would withdraw my kid from school for this


Most kids end up with homework of some sort of the other, even if they are in an alternative schooling option. Heck even unschoolers at time have homework (if they choose that!) I saw this come through my facebook feed and thought WOW that is horrible. So horrible that I have to let you know that gender bias in schools is one way to just start bullying, peer pressure and negative self-image. So, yes, I would withdraw my kid from school for this type of assignment.

I’d love to know which school this came from and organize to write a few letters to the teacher/principal peacefully explaining how inappropriate such assignments are. But, since we don’t know, I’ll just inform readers to watch for assignments that may just either encourage your child to have bias OR fail an assignment because they haven’t been raised to have gender bias or just plain have a different opinion as to “who should play with what.”

If you’re a teacher, please think twice before giving out assignments that appear to be “culturally appropriate” because it is real life, so to speak. Because guess what it isn’t. You want to teach the children to categorize each other? How about I categorize you as a dim-whit?

Because a boy can love to cook and a girl can hate dolls. A girl can love legos and a boy can hate ninjas! Really. Gender bias sucks. Really.

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  1. my almost-two-year-old is allowed to play with whatever he chooses and has his own baby doll with a stroller.. i haven’t had too many comments but whenever i get a comment about it it astounds me!! (from my hubby too but thankfully he’s fairly ‘tolerant’ :D) the mailman even told me i shouldn’t let my son play with ‘that thing’!! oi! i guess as far as we’ve come there’s always some education that needs to ultimately happen. that homework assignment is ridiculous.

  2. @ Beth. Good for you for letting your son play with a baby doll. I mean, a lot of men eventually become fathers and what a shame to not ever let them play Daddy with their baby doll because some one thinks it’s girly. Kuddos to you!

  3. Was there any context provided for this? ‘Cause while I see your point, I can also see where such an exercise could be used to MAKE your point (by comparing the results from student to student and noting that they aren’t all the same, by pointing out that the assumptions are cultural ones, etc.).

  4. @rachel- i do agree that perhaps it could be , but if you look the kid basically “failed” the assignment. so it wasn’t used to show how some people think differently. :(


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