Get to know me – 3 Truths and a Lie


I’m changing it up a bit and doing one of those “blogger” type posts. Get to know me. I have a few people who’ve been reading for a few years and many who just stop by after seeing my link. So here’s me sharing with you! After we get some comment guesses, I’ll update this post with information on the post!

So for those unaware of how to play Three Truths and a Lie, it is pretty simple.

I have four statements and you guess which one is the lie!

If you play this with a group, you can “score” it!

three truths and a lie
Three truths and a lie ice breaker

Examples of how to score of three truths in a lie game.

In a group, you each give three truths and a lie.

You each make your statements and the others WRITE DOWN their guess of the lie.

You gain each point for each person you guess correctly. In addition you get a point for each person you stump!

In a group of 4, a perfect score is 6.

You stump the other 3 AND you guess all other people’s lie.

Have fun with this great ice breaker game!

I’d love to hear what you all think my lie is!

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  1. Any one of those could be a lie, but I’m going to guess it’s that you love reality television! I think the first one is way too specific to be a lie!


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