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Gymnastics classes in Mumbai or Thane


So I posted on facebook to no avail, so I’m hoping that someone in the world of the internet can direct me to Gymnastic Classes in Thane or even Mumbai (weekend class).

So far here is what I’ve found in regard to a “real” gymnastics class in Mumbai (and Thane and Navi Mumbai, just in case) wink! These do include rhythmic gymnastics as well.

4 year old in basic tumbling class
Help me find a gymnastics class!

Gymnatics in Mumbai, including Rhythmic Gymnastics

Malad: http://thegymnast.in/

Dadar: http://varshaupadhye.com  (Near Shivaji Park) Monday, Wednesday and Friday – Batch 1: 4:30 to 6 pm, Batch 2 : 6:30 to 8 pm.

Andheri: http://varshaupadhye.com Andheri Sports Complex, Andheri, Mumbai.
Timings : Tuesday, Thursday – 4:30 to 6 pm.

Ville Parle: Phulawa’s school of dance and gymnastics. http://www.phulawadanceschool.com/psdg.html

ILand Academy – Classes for ages 5 and above.

Powai: SquareOff classes at SM Shetti school (don’t need to a student of SM Shetty)

Ville Parle Gymnastics at Step Up Dance Academy.

Thane Gymnastics

Sri Ma Vidalaya, near Hiranandani Estate. Weekend classes. Sign up at Mandir, classes held in the Sri Ma school.
Fees: 800 enrollment + 600/month.

Possible classes at  Kanti Viarasia Hall

Classes at Saraswati krida sankul (might be a school)

Update! The Sports Gurukul offers afternoon classes (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) at Billabong High International School Thane.


Navi Mumbai Gymnastics

Father Agnel Sports Centre (School)

Avalon Heights (School)

Benefits of gymnastics?

boy in tree
This climbing boy needs an outlet! Yes he’s wearing his sister’s “sparkly” shoes. He sure loved them but they didn’t make it to India :)

Here’s the thing, I don’t see my children being the next top gymnasts, but even basic tumbling classes are not to be found.  My son is a climber and I’d love for him to perfect the jumps he attempts. He has strength for it as well. My daughter loves dance but the ones nearby are all either classical Indian (which she doesn’t have interest in and doesn’t have patience for) or hip-hop (which she doesn’t like either). I know it is a matter of picking from what you got as well. But, they both enjoyed Teacher Susie’s tumbling classes through City of Phoenix.

You’d think of the almost 2 million people in Thane there’d be some real gymnastics classes here, right? So I’m starting a list, you can add comments if you know of any or hear of any gymnastics classes in the Mumbai metro area. Thanks!


Strength builder in her 4-6 year old intro tumbling class

At this point I’m so much up in the air on schools for next year that if one offered gymnastics I may just choose it… Well not really, but all but 2 schools in all of Thane have one of three curricula and the syllabus is followed to a tee!


Help us find a gymnastics class in Thane please!

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  1. woow.. u share my frustration.. the 2 classes which u mentioned for thane.. I did visit them but not really happy with the premises…do u have any luck in the meantime from the time u posted..

    1. Unfortunately I have not. BUT there are a few schools that offer it in school, which is unfortunate because that means waiting until a child is 6+ for the most part. I will continue to look.

  2. Hi Amanda

    Please visit Shri Ma Vidayalaya at Patlipada, Hiranandani Estate. at ghodbunder road thane west. My son has been going to their gymnast coaching ever since he was 2.5 years.

    1. We did a trial class and while they are great with warm up the coach to student ratio is around 35 to 1. A second coach came in for a bit of the class but I was not happy with the coaches hitting the kids. The younger kids were not well behaved and because of the ratio one or two young kids prevented the rest of the kids from progressing and getting coaching.

      1. Is this hitting incident at Sri ma Vidyalaya?
        My daughter (ages 4) is currently going for gymnastics class at a place which i want to change since the teachers are very irregular. Any recent updates on the gymnastic thing or even on which days are the classes held at Sri Ma – Can think about going there and checking it out.

        1. Yes, the hitting the child’s legs occurred at Sri Ma, which is why we didn’t sign up with them. This is when they knew a parent was watching. Mostly the teachers are unsupervised, no female attendant and most (all?) parents are not around, so I did not feel safe leaving my child in their care/guidance.

          1. have you found some other gymnastic place in thane. There is one at Saraswati Krida Sankul. Just heard abou it. An idea how good is it.

  3. I am searching gymnastic classes for my daughter in thane but couldnt found. At my childhood we learn gymnastic in our school only and just at a nominal fees. I think fees is not an issue but for building a childs growth gymnastic is most important. I just want a class where my daughter can enjoy various type of gymanstics and find a path for her future.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Many schools do not offer a lot of physical activity because parents tend to want schools to focus on academics.

      I know Billibong High near Wagle Estate has it during the day and after school

  4. Hi friends. .myself Mandar frm Thane..m in search of a good gymnastic class for my 5 yrs old daughter.can anybody help me out to search any good option. contact me 9967132111.

    1. Please check the mandir near Hiranandani Estate – the classes are large, but have the basics correct. When we tried it, no families stayed the entire time, but I chose to stay to watch.

      Additional options are listed here.


  6. There is basic gymnastic class conducted by a renowned coach at Harmony hall near siddhachal club house vasant vihar. You can visit the place and get the contact details

  7. Reading this almost after 1 yr of u all discussing. Anyone found any gymnastics class for kids in Thane West?

    1. Hi,
      There are classes of rhythmic gymnastics in thane at 3 places by Phoenix gymnastics academy.
      One in Arya Krida Mandal, gaodevi area near station. Another at shreerang vidyalay, shreerang society and one more at sanskar public school at shivai nagar. The coach is very good.

  8. There is a very good basic gymnastic coaching from Beyond Sports acadamy at Harmony hall, near siddhachal , vasant vihar


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